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January 6, 2012
By ziglernassurus BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
ziglernassurus BRONZE, Ocala, Florida
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If you could come up with a true definition for untouchable what would it be? Unable to reach? Well for me it’s a little different. To me untouchable means unbeatable. That is my goal in life, to be untouchable. I want you to read about me in the newspaper as it reads Ziggy wins another one in blow out fashion.
When I walk inoto the gym, I want people to cower in intimidation. I want people to try and break my mental wall of confidence and shoot them down like a plane in Pearl Harbor. People can tell me I can’t, but I will not be refused. As they say I can’t, I laugh and say, “come get some.” If they do have a heart of a warrior and actually step out there, I want the ability to make them look silly and send their self esteem lower than a submarine. Now don’t take me as a cocky guy if were actually capable of doing that because I would remain humble and act like I’ve done it before, and that is part of being untouchable.
The man himself will die, but the man’s legend lives on is what my grandmother always said. I want to spread my legend and make my loved ones proud, so what I will do about it is this, I will push through the pain and agony, I will fight the tears of mental disappointment, and I will climb a spiritual wall, and that will make me “untouchable”.
Then when I become this amazing figure I will use it in a role model manner. I will help the ones asking for help. I will pick up the ones who are down. I will fight other persons struggle. I will not stop until I am incomparable with any other man that will ever walk this earth. My main goal is to surpass the ones who helped developed my work ethic, my heroes. I want my heroes to wake up and realize that they are now looking up to the kid who shed tears when he couldn’t fetch their autograph. When I am done, I want people to chant my name in roaring fashion, and the heavyweights of life to see I am too heavy, I am untouchable.

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