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A Disguised Prince

December 13, 2011
By lovely_aquarius BRONZE, Westminster, Colorado
lovely_aquarius BRONZE, Westminster, Colorado
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"We grow with our beliefs."

To find a lover is a dream every girl wants to make true. Similar to a star wish that takes time to finally come. After examining the uncomfortable dissatisfaction of my sister’s boyfriend made me wonder if it’s really worth it. Whenever her boyfriend came for a visit, my heart would feel heavy and annoyed because of his feminine sense of leadership that revealed selfishness and greed. It clearly showed he’s not the one for her. That’s what really angered me all the time. She just doesn’t see him like how I do. Who knows? You can never change a girl’s heart. You just take your chance and go with it.

It’s been a week since my high school graduation. I was sitting at home, thinking about my life, twirling my hair, and doing a little chore in the house. My eyes glanced back and forth on the clock to see when the day will be over.
“Okay. I love you, sweetheart. Bye,” my sister’s voice echoed to send a sweet aura of disgust through the hall. A quick shiver ran down my spine.
“Loris! Do you want to go to the beauty salon with me?” she asked, still flowing in her dreamy world of happiness.
“…beauty salon? What for?” I replied annoyingly. I wasn’t in the mood to talk much.
“I just want a haircut. Wanna tag along?” she asked again as she fixed her hair in the restroom.
My butt placed all its heavy weight on one spot, making it a lot harder to lift. My heart made a quick trip to space.
“Okay. Sure,” I answered with ease. I didn’t feel troubled.
My mind had no second thoughts, at least, not until I was on the road with her. I began to question myself why I came with her in the first place. My legs quietly trembled to spread to my fingertips. It gave me a frightful moment. The cold wind brushed passes the other end of my bangs to soothe my soul. Everything was going to be alright.
“Here we are. Let’s go,” my sister told me, stomping her high heels evenly through the parking lot. Following from behind, I walked two left feet to make a quick stumble toward the entrance door.
“Welcome! What can I do for you today?” the girl greeted us.
As I opened the door after my sister, a strong wind pushed me from behind to demand a belief in the next obstacle of my life. My sister handed over her coat, purse, and cell phone to me and went with the employee.
Sitting on the row of seats by the glass windows, I played Tetris in her cell phone to waste extra time. A green fish tank walled a gap between a part of the haircut business and me. All I saw was a dozen lucky cats with a paw that waved back and forth for money. The white ceilings reached the bright gray sky. This became the longest minute of the day.
Quietly, a small grey dog jumped to walk in a circle on the seat to my right. It was testing the chair to feel its comfort. Somehow it didn’t feel right, so the dog jumped off to get on the one to my left doing the same thing again. It was so full of royalty and perfection. Its motives were careless, tense, and powerful like nothing mattered but itself. It finally found its royal throne. Its eyes gazed down to Earth with loneliness. I couldn’t help but reach to smooth its soft fur even though it had seemed like I have disobeyed its nobility. Its power was so much greater than mine.
The door jingled open to force out a blast of wind to my direction. A chill pulled my arm away.
“It’ll take just a minute,” an employee told the next customer, already familiar with him.
“Okay. Thank you so much,” his deep voice concluded.
His silent footsteps made its way to two seats away from me. The dog gapped between us. I continued to focus on the Tetris game with very high hopes that nothing big would happen in his part, particularly. All I thought was I had to win the game.
“…can I pet your dog?” he asked, leaving me to pause in cold silence. His question somehow didn’t go through my mind.
“What?” I replied, trying my best to give him all my attention.
His eyes jerked away as fast as he could like he had seen something luminous. It caused him an instant shiver that blush his cheeks with cherry blossom pink. His creamy skin glowed of such brilliant light. He was like an angel sent from heaven.
“…uh…is this your dog?” he asked again, mind about to go blank.
“Oh, no. That’s not my –“ I quietly paused, feeling a nervous quiver flow down my body for no reason. My legs were shaking again.
“…oh…” he quietly concluded, smoothing the dog’s fur.
His eyes sparkled of the starry night sky. They gently gazed upon its surface with serenity and warmth. I felt his eyes secretly glimpsing at me to notice my every move at every second. My cheeks burned of such amazing heat. I reached the first point of an asthma attack. ‘You’re so cute’ was the only phrase he said to the dog. His voice captured a sense that could make anyone lose themselves into a calming state. The dog lost the pride it controlled. What I didn’t understand though was his style of clothing. He was literally floating in his baggy jeans and white hoodie that reached down to his toes. He was a handsome prince in disguise. He replaced his royal crown with a red cap that positioned a shadow behind his neck rather than his eyes.
When the hair stylist was ready for him, he lowered his royalty to match everyone. His hair glowed of brownish gold. He was also getting a haircut.
My sister walked up to the cash register, waving her hand for me to come. She was ready to pay. I quickly looked back through the fish tank to see where he had gone to. I wanted to see him again one last time.
“Let’s go,” my sister whispered to me, slightly bumping into my shoulder to leave.
Without further ado, I followed my sister out the door. A blast of wind waved my hair to send the last of me in that moment. I didn’t want to leave yet, not like this. I kept thinking to myself if he had turned back to look for me or not. These kinds of thoughts pressured me more and more to stay longer for something I just didn’t know. The growth of this ambiguity made me confused. I couldn’t understand what it was, so my legs took me out of the beauty salon. The doors slammed shut behind me.

Maybe I should have, at the very least, asked for his phone number. I should have.

The author's comments:
This was an experience one summer after my high school graduation. I had absolutely no idea what to do for my future and had really low self-esteem. This day was the first day I fell in love again since the last time I felt excitement for my first love. Even if the time was short, it told so much to me. I just wanted to share it with everyone.

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