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High School

December 6, 2011
By lax123 BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
lax123 BRONZE, Dix Hills, New York
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First days of schools were always amazing. Surprisingly, the first day of school this year was very normal from all the other first days that I had experienced from the past years. When I look back it was a bit difficult, but in all, that day was very memorable. “Wake up it’s time for school!” my mother said, gently shaking me. I slowly got up and opened my eyes. The strong light glowing in my room was piercing my eyes. I suddenly shut my eyes close and gently opened them again. I was tired and quite lazy, but I woke up and got ready for school. While getting ready, the only thing that kept on circling in my mind was the fact that I had no idea on how I would get to any of my classes. I had no clue where any of my classes were located, not even my homeroom. It was a new school year and a new school for me; I was going to begin high school. The first thought that came into my mind when thinking about the year ahead was the amount of work I would have to complete everyday. I thought about how there would be extremely mean and strict teachers there.

“Bless you,” I said as the girl standing next to me sneezed. Three people including my brother and I were waiting at the bus stop. It was a bit chill but I stood directly at where the sun was shining down, giving me warmth. I had been standing there for at least ten minutes and there was no sigh of the bus coming any time soon. Five minutes later the bus arrived and I left for school. The ride to school was very quiet because everyone was very silent. There were many older kids on the bus and some kids that I seemed familiar with due to the fact that we were in the same grade. Finally, the bus arrived at school and I knew for a fact that we were late. I found the orchestra room and I walked in. Everyone watched me as I entered the room. Although I almost knew everyone in the room, I was embarrassed walking in late. My teacher gave me a sheet and asked me to take a seat. She told me not to worry and that many buses were running late as well. I sat down next to my friends and I began discussing my summer. Later, the teacher covered some of the rules that we had to follow and then the period was over.

In each and every class the teachers had very strict guidelines that the students were required to follow. When I heard these rules, I got very nervous. Although the teachers were very kind and generous, they all had the same strict policies. For example, for every homework that one did not complete, he or she would lose 2 points on his or her average. In addition, every assignment, quiz, and test was very important because here in the high school instead of four marking period grades, they have six marking periods, which means each assignment is worth more due to shortened six marking periods. Furthermore, because I am in all Pre-IB classes, I will be learning at a faster pace than the others and the teachers expect more from each and every student. After a couple of classes my day was over.

I learned that high school was not going to be easy and that if I did not work hard and consistently, I would not accomplish my goals. Also, I grasped the fact that the high school offers so much in many different ways and allows us to have much freedom that we must be careful with. I understand that the high school is about being free, being able to join clubs, interact with others, have fun, but also stay balanced and responsible with academics. I know that I will enjoy this year of school and the upcoming years even though I will have to work to work hard to stay balanced.

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