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Just A Question...

November 1, 2011
By Katelan BRONZE, Westminster, South Carolina
Katelan BRONZE, Westminster, South Carolina
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What does cheating (relationship-wise) mean to you? I'm pondering this right now, my ex sitting one two rows behind me. Thank goodness he doesn't see this, eh? Anyways, what is cheating? "Austin" and I just broke up a week or so ago, all because of his ex (he went back to her). Did I mention that his ex had already cheated on him four times before? I didn't? Well now you know. So, you know, Austin and I met and everything was fine... he was honest about his ex just texting him, etc. It was true. Apparently during the time him and I were together his ex offered him a "second chance" to be with her... he said no and decided to stay with me. Well, ex-y became mad and decided to ruin my relationship. She kept texting him after he had asked her to stop but eventually he gave in... of course he "broke up" with me first before "going back" to her. Should this count as cheating? Yeah, he didn't truly cheat on me but they did talk about this (which I was unaware of) before breaking up with me. I know none of this is my fault (except for maybe giving him too much freedom), and I'm not too mad at it, but it bothers me considerably. Also, after he went back with her... she cheated AGAIN. Just go hurt him because he chose me over her. And you know what? HE'S STILL WITH HER... stupid? That could just be my bias talking. In his words... "I still really like you, I did. I'm being honest. But I just love her too much." Since when is love hurting each other until one gives up? Good luck with that one, bro. He still tries to talk to me and I talk to him still... yeah, I kind of still have a thing for him but that could just be me wanting something I can't have. Should I just stop talking to him? What do you think? Just think about this article for a moment, want ya? Would this be considered cheating or not? Is it wrong? *cough,cough* I'm going to walk away now and see what happens now that my rant is over. Have a great day!

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