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The election that altered history and me

August 28, 2011
By ash12 BRONZE, Oregon, Oregon
ash12 BRONZE, Oregon, Oregon
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We must be the change, to change the world.

When the news first hit across the television, I was completely astonished. Everything as I saw the world to be had changed. Barack Obama had become the first African-American to become president of the United States. This gave me a feeling of pride and accomplishment, not because a democrat had won, but a new generation of civil rights was born. It showed me how far our nation's history had come, from slavery to discrimination. It all had finally paid off. A new generation was being built.This signified to all children that they could do anything they wanted, no matter which race or color they are. It helped me realize that there was a transformation happening all over this world. Everyone was starting to see everything and everyone in a different, but better way. People were finally starting to not care about the hatred happening for thousands of years in their country. They saw that a new world with new ideals was being built. They saw that their children would no longer want to discriminate, but would just want equality. This election has changed my views on racial equality and civil rights because it has taught me that anyone is capable of doing anything, given me a positive outlook on what the future could be, and has truly signified to me how much change our country has gone through over the years. This election brought all this new hope with it, to change our world for the better. I not only saw this, but everyone around me too.

As I said, when I first thought about the election and the result, I was awestruck. Soon I began to realize, this was much bigger than that. People had changed throughout generations. People were now striving for the better. They wanted a brighter future for their kids. Everybody now started to understand that it truly didn't matter what race or color you are, you could accomplish anything. Barack Obama is living proof of this. With the result of his victory, the world began to understand that anyone could do anything. Just look at it. Who would have about a fifty or so years ago that an African-American would actually become president of the U.S.? Barack Obama himself had grown up in hardships, yet that didn't stop him from reaching his goal. People of all races were finally thinking positive. "Well if he could be president, then maybe I could too someday." Hope was being reached to all corners of the world. People began to see this as an opportunity to set aside differences and join hands, even with enemies. I remember thinking about what new doors this new light opened up for me and my family.

As I began to realize how much more capable people of different race and backgrounds were, my respect began to increase for them. I suddenly felt a feeling of unity. I felt quite ebullient about it. Everyone just seemed to come together. This affected how I now began to view everyone. I could see everyone was just the same, honest human beings. Everyone was just trying his or her hardest to succeed. It seemed quite harmony to me. When you look around you can just see people of different color. Try looking again. This time when you look, you see passionate people willing to lead the world for equal rights. This is what I began to see. I thought about the future generation coming; my generation. What would we fight for? Why not just start running our world on a simple policy; that truly took into effect? Let's run our world based on equality and civil rights for all.

This election changed everything for me. I was already thinking about how the future generation would be. I soon began to see even more. Not only did I realize what everybody was capable of doing, but I also had learned so much from this election. The world can change and will. Times might be frustrating, but everything gets better. After many years of discrimination and racial inequality, things have finally changed. Martin Luther king fought for equal rights for all. He made sure everyone in America would get equal rights, through a peaceful movement. This made me realize that anyone can achieve anything. Racism and discrimination can stop and will stop if people just fight for rightfulness. After all, as Mahatma Gandhi has said, "Be the change you want to see in the world." You are the only person that knows how to distinguish between right and wrong. All this made me realize that it is time to step out into the world and fight for fair rights, for the next generation.

This election had a life changing impact for me. It made me realize so many critical things. I had begun to everything in a disparate way than before. This opened up so many new inspiring doors for me. It impacted how I viewed racial equality and civil rights for people. I didn't know the world had changed so much. This election taught me that no matter who you are, of any race, you can accomplish anything, showed me a brighter view of the future for civil rights, and helped me realize how much effort it took our ancestors to bring us forth to this day. I was mesmerized by everything, and all the change happening now around me. I was so proud of how far America had reached. I was full of joy at what at incredible accomplishment we had made as a nation. History was now changed, and I had too along with it. As Neil Armstrong had said, "This is one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind", when he landed on the moon. The same was true for civil rights and equality, when Barack Obama became president of the U.S.

The author's comments:
I was completely honored to be able to be alive to see this great victory in the United States's history. An African American had become president, and this gave me hope in thinking discrimination had finally receded and equality had come out through. This gave me a brighter hope for my future, and the future for everybody. This is ultimately what inspired me to write this essay. I have given my point of view of how I felt the election of President Obama impacted me and everyone else.

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