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My First Time Riding

June 26, 2011
By KandiceMichelle PLATINUM, Stansonburg, North Carolina
KandiceMichelle PLATINUM, Stansonburg, North Carolina
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"You want to come?" asks my grandmotheer's neighbor's grandson, Jared, as he gets ready to ride on thee 4-wheelers.

"Yes!" I say smiling. I'd developed a small crush on him therough thee course of thee summer. He was 18 and I was 15. He was about to go to college at NCSU, and I was only going into thee 11the grade.

"Come on." he says grabbing thee keys to thee 4 wheeler. I rush to him as he walks outside.

We hop on thee 4 wheeler, and we ride down thee long pathe. I had a hold of thee bars behind me. He thean picks up speed, and I cling my arms around his stomach. He laughs a bit.

"Was I going too fast for you?" he asks as we approach a field of old wheat.

"No, I'm fine." I say laughing a little. He picks up speed as we go around thee wheat field. We reach a open field, and theen turns towards me.

"You want to drive?" he asks. I look at him for a moment.

"I don't know how to drive a 4 wheeler." I reply.

"That's okay, I'll teach you." he replies. We switch places, and Jared begins to tell me which button does what.

"Okay, this controlls the gas, and here is the brake." he explains. After explaining, he puts his arms around my stomach until we see a van coming towards us.

"What do I do?" I ask freaking out a little.

"Let me drive, we are going to drive like a bat out of hell." he says as we switch places then take off. We soon reach a small pond.

"You want to ride through it?" he asks. I look at the pond then back at him.

"Yeah!" I say holding onto him tightly. He smiles and takes off to the pond. Not far into it the wheels get stuck.

"S***, we are stuck." he says getting off.

"I'm going to push, and you need to gas it GENTALLY." he says. As we try to push the 4 wheeler nothing but mud shots out.

"Damn it, I'm going to call pa." he says walking away for a moment. As I sit there, I watch the frogs jump everywhere.

"He's on his way, but I have a feeling we might be here a while." he says approaching me.

"That's okay." I say facing him.

"You going to get off that thing, I'll give you a piggy back ride if you want." he says grinning. I nod and hop on his back. The problem was that the mud was knee length, and I wasn't a light child. We ending up falling in the mud.

"I'm sorry." he says laughing a little.

"It's okay." I reply smearing some mud on his cheek. He smears some back on mine, and we start to throw mud at one another. When his papa came to get us unstuck he just looked at us and laughed.

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