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You Know You're In Color Guard When...

May 1, 2011
By screamingilyso SILVER, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
screamingilyso SILVER, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
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You know you’re in color guard when…

You dance with poles, but you’re not a stripper.

You say you are when someone does not know what color guard is.

If you ever ran away from home, you would live in the guard closet.

You never have to worry about kidnappers because you’re never outside without a weapon.

The guard captain becomes your idol.

You spend your free time doing one of the following:
looking up color guard jokes
watching marching band videos
laughing when the guard in said videos is out of sync
designing shows
shopping for equipment and uniforms online
choreographing flagwork to your favorite songs

You always walk in step, with perfect posture.

You practice guard every day, regardless of the weather.

You begin to prefer afternoon practice over going home after school.

You name your equipment.

You don’t mind wearing uniforms most people would cringe at.

Your guard gloves are a necessary part of your spring wardrobe.

You can learn a routine the day before a performance.

Your favorite season is fall because it’s marching season.

No, it’s not “football season”. It’s marching season.

You begin to watch parades on TV, just for the marching bands.

Your favorite accessory is fluorescent tape.

You have made holes in ceiling tiles while doing tosses.

You name the marks you make in the ceiling with your equipment.

You name all your equipment- practice flags, weapons, various silks…

The best pictures of you are from performances.

No matter how in sync or peppy the cheerleaders are, they can never compare to your performance.

You never start with the right foot.

The word “strip” has stopped sounding wrong to you. [Almost.]

Your New Year’s resolution is to perfect your helicopter.

Your entire social schedule is based around marching band.

Band camp is the highlight of your summer.

You have a countdown for band camp.

Homecoming is your favorite time of the year- not for the dance, for the parade.

Whenever you hear music on the radio, you don’t just listen for enjoyment. You make up an entire show in your head, for enjoyment.

Any song you have on your iPod, you have the marching band version as well.

You spin anything and everything. Pencils, eating utensils, cans of soup….

If you don’t twirl something during the day, your life is not complete.

Everything else becomes secondary.

You can hold it in longer than any normal person.

You have gotten injured more times than you can remember, or want to.

You don’t normal run. You jazz run.

You date/like a fellow band member.

You are in marching band, but you don’t play a band instrument.
[From personal experiences of me and my guard friends:]

You wear dinkles and guard pants for chemistry labs.

It’s almost sad how much Broadway music you have on your iPod. [Broadway shows are the best shows.]

Your biggest fear is getting sailed during a helicopter, during a performance.

You name all flags- the blue, yellow, and pink ones are Easter eggs, anything red is a Communist flag, et cetera.

You follow the guard captain into the bathroom, just to say hi.

The author's comments:
True stories!

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PixiePoet GOLD said...
on Jun. 10 2014 at 8:37 pm
PixiePoet GOLD, Woodbine, Maryland
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I would like to personally congratulate you on writing something so beautifully relatable and true.  I am also in a colorguard, so I can definately appreciate "You never start with the right foot."  Never.