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What Does It Mean To Be Beautiful?

March 15, 2011
By amondal SILVER, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
amondal SILVER, King Of Prussia, Pennsylvania
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I remember the exact date. September 3rd, 2010. Four days before starting a new life. A life as a young adult. A life as a highschooler. A puny, little freshman, but not according to my mother. She completely tore me apart that week. We were at WalMart shopping, when I saw a cute purple and black plaid shirt I liked. Although, I mostly liked it because it was from the new Miley Cyrus & Max Azria clothing collection. Anyway, I loved the shirt, and new exactly what pants it would look perfect with- my new white jeans and purple Mary Janes. I officially had the perfect back to school outfit all layed out in my head. I glanced at the pricetag and saw that it was only $12, which was within my budget. I called my mom over, and asked if I could buy it. She said yes, but asked if they had my size. I knew I was a Medium, and they did have it. “Are you sure you don’t need a large, honey? It might cover up some of your fat. I think you should eat healthier and do more exercise, just look at you- you’re a fat lump of corruption.” she said, pointing to my stomach. I felt offended. Appalled she would say this to me. I felt the sting in my eyes- the tears forming. I told her the Medium was fine. Either way, she made me go to the fitting room and try on both sizes. I sat on the bench in the tiny area and stared at myself in the mirror. Was I really fat? Was I putting on more weight? I lifted up my shirt and saw the amount of fat on my belly. Yes, I did have some fat, and it wouldn’t look bad to drop a couple pounds. Glancing down at the trash can, I spit out my watermelon flavored gum, and my finger was about to enter my mouth, when my phone buzzed. My best friend, Julia, texted me. It was one of those chain messages, but had a good meaning to it.
“Beauty comes from within. No matter what people say, you’re beautiful, just the way you are. Don’t listen to anyone who says otherwise. Know that you are amazing. Believe God made you this way because He loves you. Don’t let the hate get to you. Be yourself.” I reread this message almost a dozen times. I know this is stupid, but I think it was a sign from God telling me that what I was about to do was wrong. I said a silent prayer, thanking God for how he had saved me. Now everyday before leaving for school, I look at myself in the mirror and thank God for making me perfect. This was an extremely important moment for me in my life because I believe that every girl should know and feel she is beautiful from within. Remember, beauty comes from within. Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.

The author's comments:
A personal experience I had last year...pretty important to me.

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really good :)