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February 19, 2011
By poeticsoul BRONZE, Newnan, Georgia
poeticsoul BRONZE, Newnan, Georgia
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life by society's defniton life is: "A corresponding state, existence, or principle of existence conceived of as belonging to the soul." by my definition is....death. life is is decieves its prisoners with a false hope and happiness...only to bring them spiraling into an unrelenting depression when reality finally think you finally have this world figured out..then the tables turn..and you come to the realization that you really knew nothing at all..the curveballs of life..gotta love them right?..wrong...if your like like to believe that life..isn't imagine that this life is all an you(and me) it doesnt feel real at all...everything seems as if it has no meaning....when problems say to yourself that this isnt real so it doesnt matter...but something..whatever it is...forces you to care...hence sending you into misery...there's a expiration date for each and every one of us ....once you approach your final days...there is no rewind die...there's no miraculous just die...and ''life'' goes on....people will cry...but soon forget..when the end of all humanity strikes...the big question is where will we go...believers like to say they'll go to heaven..but what exactly condems you to hell?...if by chance i was involved in sinful activity just minuets before my death...does that mean eternal fire for me and those alike?...and when we all find our place,weather it be heaven or hell.. will that feel real?...will we ever know the true meaning of why we were actually here on in the first place?... what is the point of life if it ends in death?...why must we as people be forced to think upon the questions of this life that can never be answered?..why must we as people be given such inquiring minds that cause us to ponder life, death and everything inbetween? why is it that we have been given the ability to think about matters that in the end cause us to give uo on what we crave and long for...the things we want in our hearts...we no longer believe in because our minds confess the truths we dont want to face..believe what you the end...its all up to you

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