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The Binder

January 5, 2011
By musicliteraturelove PLATINUM, Clifton Park, New York
musicliteraturelove PLATINUM, Clifton Park, New York
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I’ve made so many friends this year in high school. It’s interesting to be in a school so big. On a regular basis I’ll see people I’ve never seen before in my life. It can be annoying sometime because I’m the kind of person who wants to know everyone’s name at least. But then again, there are kids who are in a couple of my classes or that I see in the halls everyday. You’d think it’d be impossible to build a friendship on four 3 minutes conversations a day, but let me tell you; it can be done. Most of my friends I haven’t even seen out of West. One of the girls I met this year is Nina. She’s in 3 of my classes and my lunch so I’ve gotten to know her pretty well. One thing with Nina though is that she’s got something of a posse, a little group of friends who are always around. In my mind I christened the group “Them”. It was a bit awkward to be with “Them” because I wasn’t in on any of the inside jokes and sometimes I felt like I didn’t fit in. But I saw that Nina was worth it (funny, smart, talented; the kind of person I admire) and so I set off to welcome myself into “Them”. I t was clear right away it wouldn’t be easy but I like a challenge.
Anyway after a while of hanging out with Nina, “Them” got used to me, but I always felt like just another one of Nina’s other friends. However, one boy in particular, Adam, seemed nice enough. He was entertaining, cute, and silly-stupid… in an endearing type of way. He seemed like a cool guy so I got to know him better. One day at lunch Adam stole my pack of Stride and refused to give it back. After school, walking to drama I passed his locker and a marvelous idea came to mind. The best joke ever. I knew he left his locker open and so I stole his black, math binder and left a ransom note:
If you ever want to see your binder again give me back my gum!
My laugh echoed in the empty hallway. When I got home I sat on my bed and flipped through the black binder. I remember thinking, Nice handwriting. It was about nine and I still had homework. Flipping through my agenda I saw it was math. Ew. I slid the binder and the agenda on my desk, pulled out my copy of Harry Potter 7, and started reading. After an hour I tuned my guitar and practiced til my fingers hurt. I took a shower, wrote a bit in my journal, and then decided I couldn’t put my math off any longer. I rushed through it then went to bed annoyed that I left the worse for last; sure I would have a nightmare.

The next morning I woke up late for school. Stupid math kept me up. Groaning internally I dragged myself out of bed, got dressed, and woke my dad up. If I was late again I’d probably get detention. We ran out the door, toast in hand. The black binder sat untouched and forgotten on my desk. As soon as I got to my locker I saw him.

“Mornin’ Adam. What’s up?”
He just stared at me.

“Where’s my binder?” he demanded.
Oh crap! … You know that feeling you get when you think there’s a step there but there’s really not and you fall, shocked, on a stiff leg? … Well that’s how I felt. I forgot it at home! He’s gonna hate me. At first his expression was playful when I told him, sure that I must be joking. Reading my horrorstricken face, however, his stare turned icy.
Adam ended up getting a referral from his “psychopath” teacher. I was so sorry and apologized profusely, but I still felt horrible about the whole thing. What was I thinking?!?
The next day I gave the binder back with Swedish fish inside and promised to be his slave for life. I was so sure he would hate me forever but hey, I had to try.
It’s funny though. I thought “Them” would shun me, but apparently they thought it was hilarious. Adam forgave me after I told him to keep the Stride and then everything went back to normal…except it wasn’t. Instead of being one of Nina’s friend, I was just… a friend. And instead of “Them” it was “us”. Now I’m not saying what I did was right or that anyone should try it, but somehow it all worked out fine.

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