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my pheonix

October 19, 2010
By kms777 GOLD, Winn, Michigan
kms777 GOLD, Winn, Michigan
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"learn from your mistakes but regret not a thing"

eyes as elegant as a moonlit lake. his bravery so large, nothing could shake. his hands give me comfort. as his fingers rub against mine. sending that chill rising up my spine. giving me the warmth i thought id never feel again. now i feel the joy to once more write with this pen. lifting me up and carrying me away. "wings of an angel" i sileintly say. he whispers "i love you" and it tickles my ear. saying it quickly as if it will soon disapear. kissing me gently, yet pulling me in. everything around me begins to spin. the wings are just a thought, but this boy stands before me real. the shell ive put around my heart begins to peel. melting away until my heart is but there. i wrote it down for these feelings are to much to bare. i cant help it as i begin to stare. my eyes cant believe, what they see.... excactly what is it that stands before me?

to majestic to be an eagle.
to lovely to be a swan.
he must be my pheonix.

The author's comments:
every guy ive been with but i think ive found the one

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