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Disappearing Memories

October 1, 2010
By Superdooper SILVER, North English, Iowa
Superdooper SILVER, North English, Iowa
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I remember your words, saying that smoking is gross. You would never do it. I remember you did smoke and get drunk when you were 12, then promising never to do it again. You found out your actual two friends that summer and hung out with them all summer. Us. A group of three since second grade. Hanging out everyday and chance we got. Sharing secrets and laughing. Not anymore. You left us for different "friends" (aka druggies). You didn't need real friends anymore, all you needed is to be known as tough. So you went out with a druggie guy, 3years older than you. This was only when you were 13. Today- you are still 13. You sat in the principal's office, crying. No one knew what was going on. I walked into my homeroom- geography-blah. I saw your "best friend" sitting at her seat, crying. She sat there and sobbed the whole time. At the end of class, everyone was asking her "What's wrong?" Of course, she gave the same bratty answer, "none of your business!" She finally told someone that you went to the office for an out of school sespension. She didn't tell why though. All she said is that she got a detention also. The whole day went on, people whispering, rumors spreading, huge commotion. We all knew that you done some bad things, but no one expected this. At the end of the day, we have found the answer. You did something horrible. Something that will change your life. You smoked weed and ciggaretts. Only 13 years old. Your "best friend" tried to convince us that smoking weed is okay. I about punched her. Now, I am writing this to get it out of my system. I am writing this to help me stop crying. It does not work so well. I remember almost every day we would fill up water balloons and play catch until it broke on somone. We used to lay on the sidewalk at midnight, look at the stars, and just talk. And in the morning, we would lay on the street and watch the clouds go by. Not anymore. Never going to be anymore. My greatest memories with friends, are now never going to happen again. I blame it all on you.

The author's comments:
Used to have a really good friend. We hung out everyday after school since second grade, but when it was 7th grade, we no longer talked.

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