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Oh Skipper chapter 2

September 21, 2010
By Future_author SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
Future_author SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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Chapter 3: Oh Boy

It's been a full month since we got Skipper now and now it is October.
As we walked through Wal-Mart to look for dog food, I spotted costumes for dogs. As I laghed my mom followed me out of the aisle.
"Want to buy one for Skipper?"
"Yes." I pointed to the angel.
"No he deserves the devil one."
"Skipper is not bad." I thought about it quickily and added. "Sometimes." I said.
She laughed and my sister was no where in sight.
"Where's Jaelyne?" I asked.
She looked at me and then looked around.
"I'll go find her." I walked away and looked kleft and right and straight.
As the toys came into view I saw a dora doll.
I sighed. I immeadiately knew where she was.
I turned to the aisle of Dora toys.
There she was.
"Jaelyne, What are you doing?" I always asked her the same questions.
"Nothing." She would always reply even when she was doing something.
I walked toward her and saw she was looking a Dora doll that had Dora's twins sibilings.
"Cindy, look." She said and pointed at Dora.
I sighed.
I looked around the section of toys.
I was surronded by kid toys.
"Let's go." I said.
"No!" She said. I hated it when she screamed. It always hurt my ears.
I grabbed her wrist and dragged her back to mom.
As she scratched my hand and wrist, I ignored it and just kept walking.
When I finally found my mom my wrist was in terrible pain and it was bleeding.

~At home~

We got home and we didn't buy the costume. I opened the door and found peices of paper and shoes on the floor.
"Uh.. what happened here?" I said.
Skipper got up from his bed and ran towards me.
"Let's take you outside. Or else my mom will freak."
I carried him outside. I turned around and looked in my kitchen to find the trashcan had been knocked down.
"Oh Skipper can we leave you alone for an hour and trust you not to do that." I said.
Then my mom walked in. "Skipper did this right." She said.
I nodded.
"Where is he?" She asked.
"I kicked him out." I lied.
"Good." She always did believe my lies even when I can't lie.
I ran outside. Skipper jumped on me then I let him calm down.
I sat on the top step. He ran and sat on my lap.
I let my head rest on him for a minute. Then I heard him growl so I quickly got up. He got up and ran toward the fence.
I saw a few teens walking down the alley.
I got up and went inside. Skipper followed and I let him in.
I sat on the couch and he sat beside me.
He put his head on my lap.
I smiled.
"Whats wrong?" I said.
He lifted his head.
I got up and headed to the refrigerator. We always put his treats on top of it.
I reached for the little bone. I grabbed one from the bag and tossed it to Skipper.
He ran to his bed.

Chapter 4: Trespassing
I looked out the back door.
2 boys were standing there.
1 of them was in my class.
His name was David. I kicked him a lot during 6th grade.
"What are you doing here?" I asked as I walked outside.
"We needed to get back there and this is the quickest way." He said.
I let Skipper come out.
"Aww cute dog." The other one said.
Skipper looked at them.
"Skipper attack." I said.
Skipper ran off the patio and chased them.
I stood there laughing.
Skipper started biting Davids pants, not letting go.
Skipper had ripped so many pants like that.
"Okay, I'll get out! Get him off me!" He said.
"Okay. Skipper!" I said.
I walked down and grabbed my puppy.
David looked like he was going to hit Skipper. David took a step closer.
Skipper growled, showing off his teeth. David jumped back.
"Out!" I yelled. "Or else." I said lifting Skipper closer to them.
They ran out.
"That's my boy." I whispered to him.
"We're coming back!" He yelled.
"I don't think so. Skipper is staying outside." I replied. "Go or I'll let Skipper out." I threatened.
"You won't do that."
I lifted Skipper just a bit over the fence.
"She will do it. Run!" The other one said.
"Watch your back at school."
He always says that. Then he's too scared to do anything. He's so afraid of my kick.
I walked back.
I left Skipper outside and I went inside.
I went back to the computer and started listening to music.

~November 17~

I woke up to a sound. The door. Someone was opening the door
It's my dad. I pretended to be asleep.
Then I heard the familiar bells of Skipper.
"Skipper, go." My dad whispered.
Skipper jumped on my bed and nibbled on my hand and my wrist.
I smiled and got up.
I took my hand away from him making him chase me.
"Skipper!" yelled.
"Happy Birthday!" My dad said from the door. Then my little sister tackled me.
"Where'd you come from?" I said to her.
"Get up. Time for school." My dad said.
My birthday has to be on a Monday of all days. I sighed.
I got up and changed quickly.
Went to the bathroom and brushed my teeth and ran down stairs.
I ate a quick breakfast and waited for my dad to come downstairs.
My dad finally came downstairs and we left.
Skipper had his head out the window. It was the first time that my dad took him with us.
"Bye daddy." I said as I got out.
Skipper came to the window. I gave him a kiss on the snout.
He cried.
"Aww Skipper." Then all the sudden I was pulled into a bear hug.
I turned around and saw Jada.
One of my best friends.
"Jada!" I said.
"Happy Birthday!" She said.
"Get off me!" I said.
She put me down.
My dad was smiling.
Skipper was barking.
"This is Skipper?" Jada asked.
I nodded.
"He's so cute." She said.
Jada put her hand out to pat Skipper.
Skipper barked.
Jada jerked her hand back.
I laughed.
"That's a demon dog." Jada said.
"Bye." I said to Skipper and my dad.
Jada and I walked toward the school.
"Happy Birthday!" My other best friend, Maria, said.
"Thanks." I said.
We walked over to our class.
Well Jada had to go to another class.
Maria and I walked to our annoying teachers science class.
Mrs. Spells, our science teacher, makes us write a whole chapter down in our notebooks, in cursive.
She says, "If it's in print, then I can't see it, so I won't grade it."
I laugh at that. I sometimes feel like telling her to get better glasses.
In October she made us plant grass and put animals in it. This months project is to buy fish and learn about. Maria and I call her, a witch. Whenever she's here, theres a broom, her car, when she's not it disappears.
Maria and I have been friends since 3rd grade. We've always been in the same class. No matter what.
"Maria, Skipper came to school with me." I whispered.
"Ewww." She hates cats and dogs.
I laughed.
"I don't want to hear a sound!" Mrs. Spells said.
The way she said it made me laugh.
Soon we had math. Sadly it was in the same classroom. Ms. Lockhart, the assistant principal, had signed on as a math teacher.
She was way nicer than the witch. She just didn't treat us as bad as her either.
Soon we were in Language Arts, the best class.
Mrs. Cook Wilson, the best teacher in the world was there. She always made us laugh. We were at our best in this class.
Everyone says she's the best, and she is. Shes had 30 years of experience and shes fun. She tells jokes and says we should have breaks to laugh in, but she has one rule, never get her mad or we will see her dark side. And because this is the funnest class, it goes the fastest. soon it's lunch. Luckily we can eat with her.
Jada, Maria, my other friend Amber, and I have lunch with her everyday.
We stayed there, laughing at each others jokes the whole time.
There was a knock at the door.
"Ms. Cook-Wilson, I'm sorry to disturb you but there was a food fight in the cafeteria." Mrs. Spells said.
"Sorry girls." She said standing up. She had a serious face now.
"Mrs. Spells ruins everything." Jada said.
I nodded.
Everyone in the 7th grade walked in.
Here comes the whole speech.
Now we're off to Social Studies with Mrs. Spells.
Again, she makes us write every single word in a chapter, in cursive and every definition. She truly is the most annoying teacher in the world.

The author's comments:
One thing Skipper is the BEST dog in the world. He's very protective of me. So beware!

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