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Oh Skipper

September 21, 2010
By Future_author SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
Future_author SILVER, Baltimore, Maryland
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Some secrets can hurt, but sometimes they keep you safe, but all secrets are found out sooner or later.

Chapter one: First Meet

The ex-owners have been talking to my parents about their dog that they had to give it up because they moved to an apartment that didn't allow pets. My parents decided to get the dog but it was to late the owners already put him in shelter.

~The next day~

We walked inside the shelter and I had butterflies in my stomach. I have never had a dog until now.

"How can we help you?" A women asked.

"We are here to adopt a dog." My cousin Angee said.

"This way." The women said and pointed to the door that said "Dogs."

We walked around. I saw many dogs. I saw many breeds, Beagles, Jack Russles, Golden Retrievers, German Shepards, and a Chiuahua.

As we walked around, I spotted a sleeping dog. His fur was totally black and thick. We looked at the paper that hung on the cage.

'Name: Skipper

Breed: Schipperkee

Gender: Male

Age: 6 months

Keep away from: kids'

I was really happy about seeing my future dog. I noticed there was a toy just in front of the door. I picked it up and it squeked. Skipper looked up at me. I noticed he had brown eyes. I got off his bed and ran to the door I threw they toy inside and he ran, in the space he was given, to the toy. He came back with it and kicked it to the door. I smiled.

I have to admit, I love him even if I just met him. We walked back out to the lobby.

"Did you find the right dog?" The same women asked.

"Yes." My cousin said.

I ran to the door and I saw Skipper there.

"Mom." I called.

She looked at me.

"Skipper." Was all I said.

"Go play with him."

I ran out the door and down the ramp. He jumped on me.

"Are you adopting him?" The trainer asked.

"Yes." I said.

I started pet his head.

He jumped on me again.

"Skipper." The trainer said.

"It's okay." I said.

I got down on my knees and he got on my lap.

I kissed him on the nose. My friend laughed.

I wonder what is going to happen when I take him home as I have a pregenant cat that I rescued off the street and I also have my guinea pig, Jerry. My parents love Tom & Jerry.

I ran back to the lobby. My mom was signing the papers.

Name: Capitan. (Spanish for Captain.)

Age:6 Months

Gender: Male

Color: Black

My dad had a dog when he was younger named Capitan and my mom thought it would be funny to name him him that.

They gave us Skipper with a blue leesh around his neck. I took him to my moms work-buddies van.

Skipper was going nuts around in the van. He was going around my lap to Angees lap and again to mines. He was looking out the window, when we stopped at a red light. Skipper almost feel, luckily I cought him.

~At home~

I took him out and he started sniffing the area. As the van disappeared behind us, my family came out to greet Skipper.

I walked in my house, where my dad, aunt, and a few cousins were at.

I let Skipper off his leesh.

"Take him outside." My mom said.

I loved that it was still summer. It's the day after my dad's birthday, September 13.

I opened the door and he ran out. I didn't notice the cat was there. That's how Venus ran away and never came back.

I let Skipper back in. That's when Jerry moved his house. Skipper ran toward the cage and barked at Jerry.

"Skipper!" I yelled.

I picked Skipper up like a baby.

"Put him down!" My mom yelled.

She always hated me carring a animal. She hated when Venus fell asleep in my room and the same rules now apply with Skipper now.

(Authors Note) My dog skipper turns 2 years old this March. This whole part is in September 2008. My sister Jaelyne was 4 years old and I was almost 12. Jerry is now dead. Venus has disappeared and Skipper is still the same as I remember back then. I hope you enjoyed this.

Chapter 2: Crazy

It's been a day since we got him. I guess his name, Capitan, only lasted a few hours. We call him Skipper only because he listens to us when we call him.

Skipper came in my room, luckily my mom was at work, he laid beside me. He was so calm around me. Then my younger cousin came in the room. Skipper changed from calm to crazy.

He got up and nibbeled her hand.

"Skipper stop!" My cousin said.

As I laughed I noticed he was looking at her. I laughed at Skippers eyes as they turned bright blue. That's when I stopped laughing.

"Skipper," I said.

He let go and looked at me.

His eyes went from light blue to black. I found that super weird. Skipper sat on my cousins leg and did what I never thought he would do to a person.

(Sorry cant say it my cousin would kill me if I say to the public. Send me a message and I will tell you what he did)

I laughed.

My cousin smacked Skipper around his tail.

Skipper ran back down stairs.

I heard Skipper let out a cry from downstairs.

I looked at my cousin and ran down stairs. I looked at the couch and saw my sister laying on Skipper.

"Jaelyne, get up!" I yelled.

Idiot 3 year old sister. She didn't get up so I walked toward her and picked her up.

Skipper looked up at me and I put my sister on the floor. I moved toward him and picked him up.

I walked around with Skipper in my arms. Then Jerry moved his house again. Skipper shook his way out of my arms. As I dropped he landed on his feet and ran to the kitchen where we kept Jerry.

He barked and I saw Jerry out, drinking water. My little Jerry. My first pet ever. I still remember the day I got him.

~Flash Back~

"What do you think? It's for your cousins birthday."

"No I want him." I told my dad.

I took the box away from him. I smiled at the little hamster-like animal that was pooping around in the box. I could guess he was scared. My dad put his hand in the box to take him out. He took his hand back out with a little rodent.

My smile got wider.

Then I saw the rodent kick my dad in his hand. He gave jerry to me. My dad examined the deep scratch the little rodent just did to him.

I laughed. The rodent was in my hands nice and calm.

Jerry sat their in my arms.

A little Brown and white rodent sat in arms. He felt soft and he didn't feel fat, like he looked.

My sister walked toward me.

She patted the rodent too hard.

Oh sister why do I have to suffer with a little sister that is 1 years old.

"Say hi to Jerry." My dad said.

I smiled.

"Tom & Jerry."

"Yes." My dad replied.

My mom looked up at us.

"What about a cage?" She asked.

"In the car." My dad replied quickly.

I put Jerry back in the box.

My dad went back outside. I loved summer especially the month of July. My sister's birthday is on July 14 which was about 10 days ago.

~Flashback ended~

I didn't notice Skipper came and he was licking my face.

"Skipper, cut it out." I said.

He stopped immediately.

"Skipper." I called.

"Want to go outside?"

His tail wagged.

"I'll take that as a yes."

I opened the door. Then Venus ran out the yard. I sighed.

Skipper ran back to me and he looked up at me.

I smiled.

He ran back to the yard and started making a hole.

"Skipper no boy."

He didn't stop.

I walked toward him. I picked him. He growled at me.

I put a finger on his nose and said. "No boy."

The author's comments:
I love my dog very much, and hes a very crazy dog so I wrote this about everything hes done.

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