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August 31, 2010
By jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
jac294 PLATINUM, McMurray, Pennsylvania
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Serenity found me in an extraordinary way on an ordinary day. It was not a fairytale arrival with white carriages and charming princes. It was not in a field of wildflowers on the outskirts of town, where young lovers previously roamed. My serenity surprised me, like an unexpected visitor a heart was longing to see. I was awoken early Sunday morning, before the sun had even peaked the horizon. Inevitably, I rose from the comfort of my triple-layered sheets, slipped on my old, pink bunny slippers, and dragged my heavy self into the linoleum-floored kitchen. Lazily, I pushed the “start” button on the coffeemaker, already containing fresh grinds and water, previously prepared the night before. No light switch was switched; no sound was made, as I felt my way to a chair. The chair faced the solo window, which stood above the sink, adjacent to the oak wood cabinets. Glaring out the window, an amber light appeared, gently glowing from the distant horizon. My eyes smiled, enjoying the soft light, as my nose began to awaken to the rich smell filling the room. The coffee maker brewed the sensual, sophisticated beverage, which empowered and strengthened my body. I inhaled deeply, allowing the impeccable smell to travel to my soul, causing instant satisfaction. There I sat with a smiling soul, a glimpse at an indescribable sunrise, warm, pink bunny slippers, the sweet smell of morning coffee, and the realization of the simplicity of happiness.

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