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Writer's Block

August 11, 2010
By InsaneKitten BRONZE, Miami, Florida
InsaneKitten BRONZE, Miami, Florida
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There's always that moment when you're in front of the keyboard waiting to write the thing thats going to put you at the top. You place your hands on the familiar letters that help you make words, that help you make sentences, that help you make paragraphs, then an essay, then the conclusion of your masterpiece. Your still getting ready for that one letter to snap for that process can begin. The clock keeps ticking and it starts to seriously irritate you. You look glaringly at the clock thinking it's the clock's reason why you haven't begun to write. You put music on to block the evil taunting clock. The lyrics from random songs start to pour out, but still nothing... You go to the refrigerator for food. Finding nothing decent you go to the cabinet and find that old candy called "smarties" hoping that it will make you smart enough for an idea. You eat some go back to the keyboard but nothing. You think stupid name. You glare furiously at the blank screen. You start to turn on the TV hoping it will give you inspiration for your masterpiece. Flipping channel over and over, but it honestly all seemed like garbage. You cursed at the writers and directors for making such bad shows and then you think to yourself at least they can write SOMETHING.You look back at the blank screen and prayed to God that it will start writing itself at least a sentence so you can get started but it remained painfully blank. You looked at the clock when you heard the ticking again. When it stopped playing your playlist. You sighed and wrote whatever nonsense just to fill the paper for tomorrow you'll need this paper. You looked at the paper with disgust. At the end you usually would have put your signature to show how proud you are of your work like artist do on there paintings, but this time you weren't proud. You grumbled to yourself stupid writer's block.

The author's comments:
I wrote this because we all go through this. You just can't think of anything... and it's so annoying you feel like punching something. (although i hope you wouldn't) I hope you'll like this and the picture shows how I feel when I'm in writer's block uuuuuuugh!!!!

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