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You want to know everything?

June 2, 2010
By iforgot SILVER, Hanmer, Other
iforgot SILVER, Hanmer, Other
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That was everything. And that was all. -Marsha Arons

It really doesn't make any sense at all, this thing going on between us. You hunt me down, tear up my world , leave me a tangled mess. It's become such a habit, I've started to crave it. I linger in your usual places, lie in wait for you to wrap me up and press me into you, warm and wonderful and wild. Everything about you terrifies me. Your unexpected strength, powerful but gentle. Your unfamiliar smell, heavy and stable. Your abrupt eyes, blue so brilliant I fall to bits. Your sense of obscurity, the fact that I nothing about you. Your hidden intentions, the reason you bother at all. Yet this is what makes you so fascinatingly captivating. To me, anyways. The people who say they are friends look upon you with distaste, thoughts of differences and peculiarity drawing boundaries in their minds. I can't help wondering if they're right to back away. But around and around I go, running away to bring you closer. I push you away but you come right back. You draw me in, you do funny things to my heart. I want to shake you loose, but the thought of it terrifies me. You've become the best part of my day, even if I don't show it.

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