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Boredom in an airport!

March 11, 2010
By Just_elena BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
Just_elena BRONZE, San Antonio, Texas
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Oh my god, that flight was like hell, literally, even though I don’t personally know what hell is like, I figure that is a good enough word to describe how I spent my last 7 hours! First of all there were these three extremely annoying kids sitting in front of me. Before the flight had even taken off, they had pushed their seats as far back as their little hands could possibly go. Then throughout the entire plane ride the children were constantly moving and kicking their seats back and forth, as if they were on swings or seesaws. I felt like I was going to explode at them. I’m so glad that’s over now and I’m saved from my insanity. On a more positive note, on arriving and landing in New Jersey I got a great view of New York City. It was pretty cool as it was the first time that I remember seeing it, even if it was only from a plane window. I am currently sitting on the ground in the New Jersey airport, and typing this because I can’t get internet access and I need to charge my laptop. I really want to get on twitter at the moment, just in case by any chance nick or Joe Jonas happens to be in New Jersey airport. Hey, it’s a possibility!! Kevin is in the Bahamas at the moment on his honeymoon with Danielle. From where I’m sitting I can see NYC, I wish I was going there . There’s snow on the ground here, but it looks really dirty and I’m inside and it’s outside, so it’s all good. Now I need to go and get something to eat, because the plane food was disgusting...therefore I only had a bite of the supposed to be chicken and a bite of the I’m starving now! I’ll write more later.....ooh I got a pretzel and it was good ?
Just arrived in Houston now and guess what, just our luck that our flight to Corpus Christi has now been delayed a half hour! ARRRGH. I just ate a nice big baked potato from Wendy’s and it was the last one too. It had butter, sour cream, cheese, and bacon bits and was sooo yummy. The weather seems to be nice enough out here cause the doors were wide open and it wasn’t exactly cold, just a nice cool breeze, probably like a nice Irish summers day. I kind love Diane Birch now, as she is going on tour with Nick, and her music is very relaxing and calming. OMG, I just realised that I forgot to say that I’m pretty sure that I saw Alexis Bledel in Newark airport and I think she was on our flight to Houston!! She had a little dog with her too and I think she’s from Houston, so that would make sense. I didn’t want to say anything to her though, just in case I got it wrong. Unfortunately I didn’t run into Nick or Joe Jonas while I went wandering through Newark airport in search of good food ? The flight to Houston went much smoother and was much nicer. I watched Michael Jacksons “This is it” and “Fame”. They were both good.

The author's comments:
I was literally just really bored while traveling and so decided to document it.

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