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14 going on....

February 12, 2010
By Shel-Bells SILVER, Middletown, Delaware
Shel-Bells SILVER, Middletown, Delaware
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Ever thought about your future ? Do people often put down your dreams? Peope put down my hopes and dreams , my wishes , my everything.I may be dumb but i'm not stupid. I was taught to shoot for the moon , and even if i miss i'll land among the stars. I have goals for my self. Im "to young" every one says , but i cant help it if i want to have a bright future. Whats so wrong with that , I've been thinking about what i want to do when im older since I was .. well 7 !

People tell me to stop growing up too fast , they tell me to slow down, but I dont want to. I want to be something. Im 14 going on 40 my mom tells me. I cant help it. Maybe if she thought about her future when she was my age I wouldnt be going through this stuff and maybe I'd grow up at the same pace as every other 14 year old . Whats so wrong with a 14 year old looking at colleges ? i've looked at so many colleges in the past year its unbelievable ! I'm going to grab ahold of my future , i'm planning everything so that way I can get things down and be able to get out into the real world !

Is it so wrong ?? Who cares if im growing up faster than the average teen, Im not average Im extrodinary! Dont be afaird to shoot for the moon even if you miss you'll land amonge the stars !


14 going on 40 :)

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Maybe just maybe this will get you thinking about your future, are you ready ?

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