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January 19, 2010
By Jaida BRONZE, Cairo, Florida
Jaida BRONZE, Cairo, Florida
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Boyfriend .. any girl loves to love and be loved .. an girl is dreaming to be the princess waiting for her own princess with the white hourse .. a boy who changes her whole life .. a boy who she can tell to him for problems never feel ashamed or embarassed ... all what i said seem okay but the problem is in many societies having a boyfriend is not an appropriate thing !!
to expalain this more ,, its not right to date a guy whos nt yet ur husband or being engaged you are definitley not allowed to kiss nor ofcourse "have sex" . Me i girl a "teenager" who is filled with positive and hopefull dreams about her princes charming is really being shocked by not allowing her to date the guy she loves .. she must keep it in or as they call it "silent love" till she reach the suitable age for marriage. How did girls face this ? alot not the majority but a good number of girls dated wizout their parents knowing it ... other said , well lets focus on our studies which is more important in the meantime ..others are confused "including me " i dnt want to do it behind my parents back but in the same time i feel that they are passing their limit this is my right in life .. thts it :)

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