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Student can’t think of article; feels like failure

January 12, 2010
By Claire Westlie GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
Claire Westlie GOLD, Pewaukee, Wisconsin
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“I just couldn’t think of an article,” said the student, “this has never happened to me before.”

The student thought long and hard about a story, but came up with nothing. There were a few ideas such as: homecoming, upcoming student senate events, and possibly the weather. All ideas were rejected.

The empty-headed student isn’t a bad writer. The problem is inspiration. “I usually try to think of something clever, you know, something people would like to read, but I just can’t think of anything.”

The student could have asked for help or tried getting inspiration from other sources, but the student was having a hard time.

Last year, the student had three articles published nationally online and is optimistic about more being published in the future. “Getting my stuff published online is really cool,” said the student, “I hope for more opportunities to be published online in the upcoming school year.”

Perhaps the student could have written about something mundane and just gotten the article over with or the student could have taken five pictures about homecoming. “My camera is broken,” said the student, “so that one was off the table.”

After this setback, the student is hoping that next week will bring a story and some inspiration. The question everyone is wondering is if the student is giving up on journalism entirely. The student was adamant with the response, “Never ever give up on writing! Some weeks are just dull.”

The author's comments:
It is ok, to not be ok.

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