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Papa Sid

January 11, 2010
By hchs1259 SILVER, Houston, Texas
hchs1259 SILVER, Houston, Texas
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I remember it like it was yesterday, walking out of a grueling cheer practice. When I got into the car my, mom started saying that I could not go to my friend’s lake house with her that weekend. Sad already that I couldn’t go I asked her why she said, “Because your grandfather just died this morning.” Right after that, of cores, I started balling and crying non-stop, I tried to hold it all in but it was so hard. When I got home I started to think about the times we had spent together, but to be honest I couldn’t really think of any witch was so sad because I always wanted to spend more time with him. My grandfather was a very stubborn and was mean to many people. It was from my grandfather that my dad learned how not to act; this I am grateful for because my dad is a wonderful dad.
Even though Papa Sid and I did not have lots of memories together, one that I can think of is when him, my dad, and I would go to dinner at Houston’s eating the kids chicken fingers with the warm french-fries. This was so much fun because we would always get yummy Marble Slab ice cream so I would get chocolate swiss with cookie doe and he would share with me. The saddest thing for me with his death was thinking about how he was never at a football game to watch me cheer at a competition and how at his friend’s problaey didn’t even know who I was. Another thing you have to know about him is that he loved to play golf and I always wondered if he loved golf more than me, so every time I would here about this it always made me sad and felt like I wasn’t important to him. I will always wish I could go back and change things, and wonder how things would have been if he had survived the heart attack.
The last time I ever saw him was his 70th birthday. The whole family was together and we had dinner at Willy G’s. As I got up to leave and say good bye to everybody I never knew that it would be the last time I ever got to say good bye to my grandfather. I remember saying I LOVE YOU and thinking I wonder if he really means it, but those three words were the last three words he ever said to me. Even though I still fell like he never loved me that much, I still miss him dearly and wish I could have changed things.
Finally came the funeral, it was the saddest and hardest thing that I have ever gone to. I remember how the placed smelled like pretty flowers, looked like a sad place that nobody wants to go, and I remember felling that my heart just got ripped out and asking God why we were never close to each other We knew it was coming though, his death, because he had been in memorial hospital for about three years and was a very sick and unhealthy man; but it was still a very, very sad day. I remember the day he went into the hospital and the day that he got out of the hospital. After the funeral we had this party thing at my grandmas house and it was supposed to be fun but to me it was the worst thing ever because I just cried the whole time and didn’t want to talk to anybody, but its not like any of his friends even knew who I was. I felt like I had been cheated out of so many happy memories. Now two years after his death, I wonder how my family feels about him being gone and what they would do if they could have changed things with him. Finally from watching on how he treats people I will make sure never to that because I don’t want people saying how I'm mean at my own faunal, this also shows how much how thank full I am for all of the wonderful people that I still have in my life.

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