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My First Song: "Road To Liberation"

November 27, 2009
By EstherSora GOLD, Woodside, New York
EstherSora GOLD, Woodside, New York
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The first time I wrote a song, I started out by randomly playing chords on the guitar. I started out by shaping the D major chord on the strings of the fret board, while jumbling random words together to create a balanced melody. Within ten seconds passing, I had only one line down; an unknown amount left. Quickly scribbling down the words of the first line of the lyrics on the white spaces of an old ConEd bill, I tried to think of other words that would connect the flexibility of my freedom. Every word in the dictionary was my choice to choose, it was only a matter of connecting specific words with the melody of the guitar chords and the story of my lyrics. I sensed the word “freedom” would be the theme of my first song. I quickly ransacked through my brain for similar words dealing with the word “freedom” : liberty, autonomy, sovereignty, and independence. Creating a connection to the words and the story of my present life, I quickly fashioned the second line of lyrics with a connection between two descriptive adjectives. With each new, fresh line of lyrics, I sang it aloud with a rhythm of a certain tune. I would hear the sounds of my voice echoing against the plywood guitar. By the bridge section of the song, I had created an inventive comic strip about the meaning behind my song and had mentally engraved that into my cerebellum. After I was finished with the lyrics to the song, I had decided upon a title to describe the journey of where the melody of the song would lead. The title of the song became “Road To Liberation.”

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