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Where a Dream Leads to

March 19, 2021
By TIS-Leo SILVER, Tirana, Other
TIS-Leo SILVER, Tirana, Other
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   It started out as a normal weekend in Macedonia, not filled with luxurious skiing resorts like Austria, France or Italy, but with amazing skiing slopes for those who want to start learning to ski, where my family and I usually go on weekends during the winter season. I remember waking up that day after a vivid dream about me skiing. Followed by the dream came the magnificent idea that skiing was a piece of cake and if my dad could do it, I could most certainly do the same too. With that thought in mind, I went to the hotel restaurant where my father was.

   ‘Morning,’ my dad said while he was drinking his morning coffee, admiring the view of the snowy white mountains. ‘How’d you sleep?’ 

   ‘Good,’ I said, waiting for him to finish his sip and ask him. Just as he did, I said, ‘Dad, can I please go skiing with you today? I really want to learn how to ski.’ 

   ‘Are you sure?’ dad said now looking at me. ‘I mean I would love to teach you how to ski, but I want you to feel ready.’ 

   ‘I’m ready,’ I told him with confidence. ‘Besides, how hard can it be?’

   Not easy, that's for sure. From the moment I told my father what I wanted to do, fear and anxiety took over my entire body. ‘It's too late now, I just have to cope with it’, I constantly reminded myself as we were getting our skiing equipment. Even though my heart was somewhat shaking, while trying the gear, my mind couldn’t stop thinking about how ugly they were and let alone how could something that heavy help someone ski.

   But the thought left as soon as it came. Just a couple of steps after I stood up, the boots felt as light as paper and the skis didn’t bother me at all. That, and a great deal of luck helped me go to the ski lift, where I would face my first challenge. When we arrived on top of the mountain, the gentle breeze and the fresh air relaxed my whole body and made me forget about my fear within a second.

   Now it was the moment of truth. How could I have been so stupid to think that I could do something like this? Not helping my confidence, with that thought in mind, I started skiing down the mountain. Surprised, even though I hadn’t the slightest idea of what I was doing, just watching the scenery made me feel free, like a bird soaring in the sky, testing its limits. It was just as if every problem was gone, and I could do whatever I wanted.

   This moment, though it was magical, lasted for just a fraction of a second as (just like I said when I was six, I will say the same again) a tree “popped” out of nowhere and decided that in that particular day I needed to crash and collide with it. And because I didn’t know much about skiing at the time, or at all, I decided to grant its wish. And as you can probably imagine, my meeting with the tree was rather painful. Fortunately, it was nothing serious, and I ended up fine.  

   But that day taught me a lesson: no matter how many times you fail, you should always continue trying and to never do something based on a dream.

The author's comments:

This is the story of the first time I went skiing.

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