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The Unwanted Equality Law

November 26, 2019
By Anonymous

       North Hill High isn’t a typical school as I can tell so far from my first experience. I knew the moment I walked through those doors, my high school years were going to be a living hell, not that my last two were much different. It's been four days, well almost five and I’m, well, making progress. I quietly walk down the long corridors carefully maneuvering around a maze filled with jocks; throwing footballs from across the halls and popular divas; fixed on their appearance as they gaze intently in their mirrors for any imperfections. As for I, of course, I’m what people call a…..

“Hey look it’s Nerd turd!” I hear a familiar voice call from in front of me as I peek up from my book to see Jason, a popular kid. Great, I just had to run into another one today. I glare from behind my book covers attempting to shield me from the awful verbal insults they’ve given me for the last four days.

“What now Jason.”I sigh as he lifts my book up to catch a glimpse at my face through my reading lenses.

“What do you mean what now?” He frowns before ripping the book from my hands and then tossing it onto the floor. He stares at me, his eyes piercing through mine. “Well, where’s my homework?” He demands impatiently tapping his foot on the ground as he tries to look down on me even though he knows very well that he was shorter than me by an inch or two.

I roll my eyes and begin to walk away from all this unnecessary drama, but before I could even escape, a hand grasps my wrist and whips me around once again. I turn to see Caleb, Jason’s best friend instead of Shorty, my nickname for Jason. Without even talking, he turns me around and shoves me in the direction of a metal trash can. I close my eyes and brace myself for yet again an unpleasant landing, hoping it won't be as bad as the last. But to my surprise, I feel my twirling come to a sudden halt and my shoulders being comforted and reassured by a steady pair of hands. I inspect and try to identify the blurry face before me, taking a moment to readjust my vision. I blink twice before I am able to make out the outlines of the owner's face who seems to be Kaila, my best friend.

 “Well speak of the devil.” I grin wearily as she holds me up, making sure I’m steady enough to stand before detaching her hands from me.

I scan the hallways looking around for those two ignorant buffoons, but then Kaila quickly says, “They’re gone, I told them to scram.” And by that, I knew she could tell what I was thinking. Who would’ve thought that great minds really do think alike? “She swings her arm around like she always does when she wants me to forget something. We rock from side to side down the halls like we’re drunk before changing the topic. 

“You still up for some fun tonight?” She shoots at me.

“Depends, on what type of fun?” I question.

She smiles, “I found something you might want to see. Meet me by the cabin at five, come alone.” I shake my head in disbelief, surprised that she didn't know that I lack in friends. And by friends, she should have meant friend because she’s all I have so far. She then waves before heading to her next class leaving me to wonder, what in the world could it be?

Later on after school a little before five I wander off into the depths of the forest, hopping over the roots of outgrown Cedarwood trees and into little mud puddles that have formed from the light rainfall this afternoon. I scan the woodland carefully until I spot a small wooden cabin by the far end of the forest. I sprint towards it in desperation, hoping to relieve the curiosity that has been tying me down all afternoon. As I run I catch a glimpse of a bright light blue coat in the corner of my eye by the wooden patio of the house. I smile in recognition as I see Kaila waving from the distance, motioning me to hurry up. When I finally arrive I lean on her shoulders for support so that my legs wouldn't collapse from the workout I got to get there. She pulls me over behind the shed carefully and points to something on the ground without mentioning a word. When I finally catch my breath I straighten up to look at an astonishing scenery unfold before me. There was a modern-looking aircraft that had ripped open a large trench into the earth. The aircraft did not appear to be damaged in any way, only covered in the early dew and a few branches it may have brought down along with them in the crash. It seemed surreal to me like it was a backdrop for a musical or a scene that was recreated from a movie but different.

“What is this?” I ask, cautiously approaching the witchery like there was still some source of life on board of the ship.

“It’s an aircraft I found, cool isn’t it?” She asks, showing me her ways around her discovery.  As we wander around I notice something irregular by the steel door of the entrance to the ship. I draw closer to the door examining the front, reaching out to touch it, but Kaila’s hand yanks me back. My fingertips graze the side of the door sucking me into a portal of darkness. When I finally wake up I look around to see long line ups of people heading to an enclosed fence line with handsome men dressed from head to toe in tight black suits showing them the way. My eyes widen as I look around in confusion. I turn to see Kaila, gripping tightly onto my hands shutting her eyes in fear. I tap her shoulder and she peeks up in total confusion.

“Where are we?” She says quietly shivering, something I was unfamiliar with. I too didn't know how to come up with an answer that didn’t sound utterly ridiculous. We were surrounded by crowds of beautiful people crying, reaching out for those who were in the fenced trench, but couldn't make it. All of a sudden I hear gunshots coming from the front of the line followed by the deafening screams of citizens. I turn towards the sound in shock to see fields of unwanted corpses lying on the ground. As we advance toward the front of the line I catch a glimpse of several suited men quickly removing the dead, preparing for a second batch. There were signs around the fences that read, “It is necessary to find equality this year 2081 in our society, no matter the price.” Underneath the quote was her name and in the distance, I recognized yet again another familiar face, the commander in charge of all this commotion. It took me a moment before I could understand what was going on. I could feel my face tense up as I tapped on Kaila’s shoulder forcing her to turn around. I pointed to the figure and all I could see the horror in her eyes when she looked the very image of herself. The year was 2081 and everyone was finally equal...

The author's comments:

Its about my perspective of how I see the society and what I think about the idea of everyone being equal.

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