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Dear Rosie (A Letter to My Dog)

April 30, 2019
By marisakalei SILVER, Winchester, California
marisakalei SILVER, Winchester, California
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Today, one of the best parts of my life was born. A year ago, I would’ve never known I’d have you. My love, my baby, my sweet girl. Happy birthday. I can’t believe how much you’ve grown, how much you’ve changed. I can’t believe you’re one today. I just can’t believe it. Has it been that long already? I feel like I was taking you home just days ago. Being obsessed with you, overloading the internet with photos, buying you special treats and cute toys… wasn’t it just days ago? I couldn’t get over you: your ears, your nose, your eyes, the way you’d lay down to sleep, the way you’d rest your head on my lap, or how you’d cry at night until I’d just come sit next to you until you fell back to sleep. You were such a good girl. What happened to you? You’d walk right next to me on your walks, never straying or pulling. What happened? You’re crazy. You run around the yard like there’s no tomorrow. You jump into my trampoline as if you own it. You broke my trampoline. You tear up the yard. You eat the fruit from my trees. For god’s sake you even chew on wood. You always have something you’re not supposed to have. You literally dig up the ground cover and run around with it like its a cape. What about your toys? The ones I picked out just for you, the ones I bought just for you and only you. Oh, you broke it? All of them? That’s nice. What about that one I spent $30 on claiming it was supposed to last the “roughest chewers”? I thought that one would work… did it not? No? Oh, looks like you tore that one to shreds too. Nice. Only $30 down the drain… it’s not like that’s a lot for someone, someone with no job and absolutely no way to make money. Yeah, that’s fine. Sometimes I forget why I love you, and I wonder why I always stick up for you when my parents are mad because of you ruining our backyard. “She’s just a puppy!” Can’t use that excuse too much longer… You better clean up your act, girl. Or they’re gonna send you back to the country home with the tree house, the one we got you from. It’s the one where you got worms and fleas, remember? Yeah that was gross. A big thank you to the owner for that. We loved it. We loved taking you to the vet straight after we got you. We just loved giving you a flea bath and combing through every centimeter, every hair of yours, getting rid of your disgusting ticks. I’m so glad that’s all over now. Luckily, we don’t have to many things like that to deal with right now. Luckily, you’re just maturing from now on. Please don’t get worse, I won’t be able to defend you for much longer it it gets worse. Now that I think about it, you are pretty small. Are you gonna grow anymore? I remember Daisy being bigger, at least a fourth more of your size right now. Oh well, I mean in dog years you’re only seven right? You got time. I hope you’ve matured a lot by the time I move out, I’m planning on taking you with me. I can’t wait til that. Just the calm dog I’d want. Well, at least you don’t bark; Daisy was big on barking. I wonder if it ever hurt. Do dogs get sore throats? Google says you guys do. I wanted to make you a special cake and buy you cute treats for today, but I’m not sure anymore. I know you’ll eat it, you eat everything and anything… except when you have to eat in the morning or at night when we only have a certain amount of time. You’re picky with your dog food, but you eat rocks. Rocks over your expensive, fancy, Science Diet dog food. Anyway, don’t go too crazy today. You don’t even know it’s your birthday. You don’t even know what a birthday is. Oh well, it’s special to me and my family, even though you think they might hate you sometimes. We all love you. I’m looking forward to seeing how much you change in the next couple years, let’s hope it’s for the best. I love you, Rosie. Happy birthday!

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It's my dog's first birthday today, so I decided to write a letter to her for my english essay.

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