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An Open Letter to Fake Friends

April 24, 2019
By marisakalei SILVER, Winchester, California
marisakalei SILVER, Winchester, California
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I love my friends and I couldn’t live without them. Maybe they're the best thing that’s ever happened to me. But, some of them aren’t. People can be cruel creatures. They’ll become the most toxic snakes you just wouldn’t expect. They have the power to transform as if it’s their superpower. They can manipulate me; make me think that they’re so loyal, make me think that I’m so loved. But then, they won’t. They’ll backstab, spread rumors. They’ll try to make me feel like I’m nothing. But guess what, you didn’t. Guess what, you’re not winning this war. You are not strong. You can’t win this. You know who you are. You may think that I care but guess what, I don’t. You’re not worth my time. You’re not worth my effort. And you don’t affect me. I’m glad you left. And I’m so glad you’re gone. I don’t want you back, and I’m not scared to say that. We don’t miss you. You lost. We won. You wish it went your way. You wish we came back but we never did. How are you now? I hope you’re doing just fine without us because I sure am. You know who I am, and I really don’t care. Tell your friends about it if you like. Tell anyone actually. Give me those dirty looks. Close the door quickly when I’m behind you. I don’t care. Is that what you don’t get? I hope everyone knows what a fake person you are. How fake all of you are. Your followers mean nothing to me. They just want to bandwagon with all your hating. But, whatever, it’s your loss. Have fun without me, because I know I will never miss people like you; the people who were never my friends.

The author's comments:

Recently, my bestfriend and the rest of my friends in that groupp all started spreading rumors about me and my sisters. Thus, ending our friendship.

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