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October 11, 2018
By amycardenas BRONZE, Wilmington, California
amycardenas BRONZE, Wilmington, California
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The sound of my alarm clock in the morning is poisonous. Everytime it goes off it sends a wave of chills and disgust through my body. I would say i'm not really a morning person i'm more of a nocturnal creature. Although mornings are one of the things I most dread, the smell of breakfast in the morning is heavenly. It turns my horrible grumpy attitude into a more soft and pleasant one. Many people can agree with me that breakfast is the backbone of our existence. Without breakfast we wouldn't be able to function properly. It is a proven fact that dismissing breakfast causes health problems. I surely know I will never skip breakfast. The combination of sweet and savory is probably the best invention created next to the internet. There is waffles, bacon pancakes, omelettes, oatmeal, and the list goes on. All these foods are so great because you can eat them in any manner. For breakfast you can have the sweet food first and it would not matter unlike dinner where you have to wait until your finished for desert. Like in every dreadful and disheartening situation there's a silver lining in this case; breakfast.

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