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A Day in the Life

March 31, 2009
By Anonymous

There once was a cool kid named Owen. He was so cool that he was not ashamed to escort his younger sister, Suzie, and her friends around the county, unlike some other teenagers in the community. So when Suzie asked Owen to take her and her friends toilet papering at Deb's house, he said he would drive them. Owen's friend Bill called and asked Owen what he was doing on the night that Owen was supposed to take Suzie and her friends toilet papering, and Owen replied that he was busy and could not do anything with his friends that night. Bill asked why and Owen replied that he was taking his little sister Suzie and her friends toilet papering. Bill told his other two friends, Tim and John, about Owen and Suzie's plan. Together, the three of them decided that they wanted to sneak onto Deb's property before Owen and Suzie and her friends did so that they could pop out and scare them while in the act of toilet papering. Bill called Owen back and told him of their plan to go hide at Deb's house and scare Suzie and her friends. Owen loved the idea, but said "You guys better be careful. I would sure hate for you to get caught. Maybe you should disguise yourselves before you go."

Bill, Tim, and John thought that sounded like a good idea, so they went to the local super market to find some good disguises. While they were there shopping for their disguises, Owen showed up with Suzie and her friends. They had come to buy the toilet paper they were going to use that night to toilet paper Deb's house. It really caught Bill, Tim, and John off guard. They had to run away and hide so that Suzie and her friends did not see the tree of them together, because then they would know that the three boys were up to no good. When Owen left with Suzie and her friends, he texted Bill on his cell phone that the coast was clear and that they could quit hiding. Owen was taking Suzie and her friends home and told Bill that he would text him when they were getting ready to go to Deb's house. The three boys continued to shop for good disguises.

They soon found out that disguises were expensive so they all agreed on matching batman masks and black pantyhose. The outfit was around four dollars for each of them. Once they got back to Bill's car, they all tried on their disguises. The disguises worked really well. They decided to have a little fun with the disguises before it was time to go to Deb's house. They went to the drive through of a local fast food establishment where Tim worked and ordered four waters. Bill demanded that the manager, who was a really cool guy named Bob, be at the window to give him the drinks. When Bill pulled up to the window, the three boys just stared at Bob. Bob thought it was funny and he laughed as he handed the waters to the boys, even though he no idea who the masked strangers were. When they left that establishment, Owen texted Bill, saying that he better go to Deb's house now and start getting set in place: Owen was getting ready to leave his house with Suzie and her friends.

When the three boys arrived at Deb's house, they hid Bill's car, then they went and hid behind the pond at Deb's house just in time to see Owen's car pull up and five people get out and start walking up the lane. The three boys decided to let Suzie and her friends get a little toilet papering done before they tried to scare them, but they went ahead and started to make their way around to the front of the pond. Right before they jumped out and scare Suzie and her friends, the three boys noticed that the same car had driven by several times. Just as they had all voiced this fact to each other, the car pulled in right next to Owen's in Deb's driveway. It was a cop. Owen told Suzie to tell her friends to hide while he went and talked to the cop. The cop had a spotlight that he was shining in all directions trying to find people. By this time, Bill, Tim, and John were hiding a half a mile back, doing an army crawl through the field. The cop said he had counted five people while driving by and that he needed to go round up the other people of his party and that they needed to leave. When Owen left, he went out the same way he had come in and the cop followed him, and they didn't go past Bill's car. They had not been caught, they were free to go. The three of them went back to Tim's house, a little disappointed that they did not get to scare Suzie and her friends, but they were happy that they did not get caught by the cops. Bill called Owen later that night to ask what the cop had done and to see if Owen was in any trouble, and he said no. All the cop did was follow Owen home and talked to his parents, who knew about the whole plan of toilet papering and did not really care. All in all, it turned out to be a pretty fun night.

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