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Puerto Rican Babe

November 2, 2017
By Midnightwolf1987 BRONZE, Hemet, California
Midnightwolf1987 BRONZE, Hemet, California
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My heart yearns for him. Different schools, different lifestyles, different passions. But there is so much more that makes us connected somehow. And yeah sometimes I would get lonely without him, but doesn't everyone when you miss your lover? But my lover is special. He isn’t like anyone else, he is a part of the group that only a few are apart of. I can’t really say for a sure..... But we would both get lonely. Sure we usually meet up on the weekends but sometimes that may not be the case. Sometimes it would be weeks before we would even get to meet…


I gasped slightly when someone nudged me out of my mindset, eyes flickering back to reality as hands gripped onto the rough material of my backpack to shove me to the side. The mexican (It seemed it was) snarked my style of clothing as he continued on his way. Something along the lines of:

“lifeless dork.”

I huff out while shaking my head,  ignoring the male who was clearly just being an indecisive jock, I enter into my classroom to see the familiar dim glow of the cold room. It was always cold in this class, it seemed to be haunted for me, well in my opinion. It just seemed so lifeless and the class yearned to be noticed by the other students who attented this class…

I past my teacher, nodding to him for a second as I slip into my chair at the far corner of the room to the right hand side of my perception. The seat was warm, someone might have recently sat I it. Maybe one of the older students who attended the school, a junior, senior...probably sophomore.

I gazed at the surrounding class, kids filtered in like the rats seeing cheese for the first time. Each going to their designated seats while placing their backpacks either to the side or to the front of their feet.

I yawned a bit in tiredness, the morning was just awful. I never really get much sleep, well i used to until i had...met him

Perfect….that's what he says to me everyday on the phone. No not in call, just by texting. Something made him have the urge to just-

My eyes flickered to the screen below, seeing nothing come from the tacky phone of the olden aged flip phone. I didnt even know that my phone went into my sweater ocket, i could feel the smooth cool texture of the electronic device. A constant buzzing erupted from it.


I shook my head, opening the flip phone to press the “dismiss” option to turn the alarm off. It’s 7:37am and school was bound to start soon.

Getting slightly bored after a few minutes of waiting, i decide to check the messages from early morning-I think fiveish….I flipped open the electronic device and reread the text I sent to my crush, eyes scanning over the digital conversation.

“Goodmorning love.”
It’s a message I would send to him most often. I really did like him, I could feel it deep in my chest like a raging ocean heading towards the sea, but i didn’t know if he had the same feelings for me however…

He had responded to my message! My small heart fluttered a bit when I flipped the top back on the flip phone. A text message printed out onto the screen as I pressed on the okay button to read the message he had sent me.
It was around 7:45  in the morning, the usual time he would text me, it was when he had arrived to school. But at that time, I am already up and out the house on my way to the bus stop and my class had started. It was quite tiring for i had to wake up at 5 every single day for school.

Sure I had bags under my eyes, but i would cover them up with my makeup I have stashed in the bathroom from the house I live at.

I took a deep breath and started to read the one line message. I would alway hope for him to respond in a way that would make my heart flutter in excitement, but of course it’s….not the case. A small dip i my chest made my eyes water slightly. A feeling of regret swirled my mind as this one line sent me thinking.


He always responded with a “morning”. I responded even if i didn't have the time to. School started already, I know because of how the teacher had started his lecture about the european history and about John Locke or something or other. I didn't really pay attention. It doesn't excite me like the way human dissection dose-
Another vibrate exits from my phone, pulling me off course as I stare dumbfounded at the phone. He usually does not respond twice…

I looked down at the screen and I swear….My face turned as red as a cherry blossom.

He had sent me a picture-one that we had taken the last time i was over at his house, which was yesterday. A wide smile that had went across my cheeks as my crush kissed my cheek, showing off his dark red blush that i hadn't seen yesterday…

“You're my Puerto Rican Babe. I love you.”

I could feel my heart race, my head spinning as i looked up and down. “Oh my god..” I whispered just below my breath so that the note taking robots wouldn't hear my lovestruck tone. He actually texted me that he….loved me…

Oh my gosh!

But um….yeah I am Puerto Rican, a kinda rare breed of human...There isnt much of the certain type of hispanics like me. It just makes me uh...special to certain humans. My dark blond brown curly hair along with my pale skin gives me a bad outlook. No one thinks I am of hispanic race.

But the way he actually called me “his”....

It makes me fall for him even more….

The author's comments:

This is a small peice that happened to me, its just a showing way hat people do care about you, even if you just seem like you are alone. You are not, and people will be through most hert breaks, but its best to try and move on to keep yourself at happiness.

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