A Day at Six Flags: Great America

By , Homer Glen, IL
I could not sleep the night before I was going to Six Flags: Great America. My alarm went beep, beep, and beep around 6:00 a.m. I got out of my bed really quickly because I was excited, but at the same time my stomach was hurting because I was nervous. This day was going to be my first time at Six Flags: Great America. I walked down the stairs still half asleep to eat breakfast. My family was waiting for me to finish up my breakfast and then leave. While we were on our way to Six Flags: Great America, I listened to music and played games on my phone in the car.

My family and I walked into Six Flags. It was very hot outside! I was not happy that my family and I went to Six Flags today. The sun was shining so bright that it hurt my eyes and got me sunburn. The lines for most rollercoaster were exceptionally long. My mom, my sister, and I were scared of most of roller coasters. My dad would go on every single roller coaster in the park.

While we were walking around the park, I saw the water park and I extremely wanted to go on the water slides because the weather was scorching. I could not go to the water park because I did not have my bathing suit and I was a little sick. When I was walking up the stairs to go on a roller coaster, I looked up at the sky and the sky had no clouds. The sky had a baby blue color. Finally, I got to the top and got into the roller coaster. Ten seconds later, the roller coaster took off like the speed of light. While I was getting out of the roller coaster and the other people were waiting, I had an enormous headache and I was dizzy.

I tried to convince my mom and my sister to go on a ride with me, but they did not want to. Later, my mom and my sister went on a ride with my and after that ride they said they are never going on a roller coaster again because they both feel like they are to vomit. My mom and my sister probably hated me for the rest of that day because I convinced them to go on a roller coast. My mom and my sister do not like to ride roller coasters. They both did not ride any roller coaster for the rest of that day.

My dad and I were riding roller coasters all day. He was screaming like an idiot! I did not go on the rides that I thought I was going to vomit on. My dad went on probably all the rides in Six Flags: Great America because he loves to ride roller coasters and is not scared at all. I can only ride some of the roller coasters. My dad tried convincing me to go on one roller coaster with but I did not because it looked every scary. I told my dad, “I am not going on this roller coaster with you because I am scared I will vomit.” My dad called me a sissy because I was scared to go on that roller coaster with him.

After a while, I had a huge headache from riding a bunch of roller coaster. I extremely wanted to go home because of my headache, but my dad wanted to keep riding roller coasters. My dad kept on riding roller coasters, but I sat by my mom and my sister because of the headache and dizziness. I felt like it was going to vomit really badly when I get home.

My mom and my sister just went on one roller coaster the whole day because they were scared. I do not even know why my mom and my sister came to Six Flags: Great America with my dad and I.

I am happy that my family and I had to leave Six Flags: Great America because I had an extreme headache and I was also exceedingly dizzy. I will never forget this magnificent day of my life. I was surprised I rode that much roller coasters because I was nervous and thought that I was going to ride no roller coasters at all. As my family and I were driving from the amusement park, Six Flags, I remembered all the roller coasters I went on and how much fun I had on them. I will never forget how much fun I had at Six Flags: Great America.

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