Way Too Fast.

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“I don’t know about that...” I mumbled under my breath looking at the hot asphalt, which looked like it was smoking from the sun beating down on it
.“Come on, it’s fun.”
The days you think nothing will go wrong seem to be the days something does. Denim shorts and a happy bunny t-shirt seemed like a good thing to wear. A great day to meet up with family I’ve never really seen before with my grandpa and younger brother Jonathan. The drive took hours all I could do is look out the window of my grandpa’s big grey truck and watch the green fields and an occasional house pass by. Then we slow down and I see a huge house on top of a still with a steep driveway, kind of like a drop slide at a water park. Worried about the truck rolling back down the hill I held onto the bottom of the seat.

It’s always awkward seeing family you’ve never really talked to. They look at you and smile but never come by you because they want to avoid the pauses when we have nothing to talk about. Once we went inside I felt out of place, there house was so big and fancy. Everyone gathered into the kitchen while I just walked into the living room and sat on one of the couches. After sitting and watching people in the kitchen talking and laughing I finally saw my brother, I had forgotten he came with. He gestures me to come out to the garage.
“Grab a scooter you’re going to need it, there are no more bikes left.” He said with a smile on his face.

So I grabbed a scooter on my way out the door. We walked down the road to a group of apartments on a hill, they looked like a little tribe hut area you see in movies but instead of little tents they were big houses with a long asphalt drive way.
“We go to the top of the driveway and ride down it. “

“I don’t know about that...” I mumbled under my breath looking at the hot asphalt, which looked like it was smoking from the sun beating down on it.
“Come on, it’s fun.”

The walk up the hill feels like it takes forever, once we get to the top my brother sits on the bike and rides it down the hill. Ones he stops at the bottom my stomach dropped because now it was my turn to go.
“Your turn” he yelled as loud as he could to make sure I could hear him.

He did it so easily, so couldn’t I? I slowly pushed myself down the hill. I was going so fast, did it feel this terrifying for him? I look down at the asphalt to look for any rocks then as soon as I look up I see a white car coming down the road where I am supposed to be stopping at. I panic and I don’t know what to do, I can’t just stop with my foot I’m going way to fast and I can’t keep going or the car will hit me. There’s grass coming up on the side of the drive way, should I jump?

Unfortunately I wasn’t looking for the rocks from the gravel from the driveways to the houses then I hit one small pebble. I lost control of the scooter and found myself not falling into some grass but instead a spot of gravel that was on the side of someone’s driveway. I feel the impact and I keep sliding down the patch of gravel while rocks dig into my hands, then my body goes numb. My brother runs to me and by the look on his face I don’t want to look down and see the damage to my legs.
“Go get somebody “I whispered still in shock looking at his blue eyes.

He rides the bike back to the house. I feel stupid sitting here alone. What if someone comes out of there house, will they be mad? I finally stand up, still not looking at my legs. I know if I see what has happened then I will feel the pain. I grab the scooter that’s lying in the middle of the drive way and slowly walk down the long steep driveway.

The walk back felt it was like forever, nobody came to help me walk up the driveway. I glanced down at my shoe, and then I saw blood and looked right back up. One of my family members who is apparently my uncle stands at the top of the driveway and walks with me into the house. My brother looks worried and everyone else just looks at me like they want to yell “what the hell were you thinking?”

They have two chairs set out, one for me to sit on and the other to lay my leg on. Then I see it, my right knee is torn apart, I can’t see every cut or how much skin is missing cause of all the blood.
“It’s alright “my grandpa whispers in my ear and he holds onto my shoulder
Then I see the thing that makes me cry, my aunt walking towards me with a huge bottle of rubbing alcohol. When she first pours it on it feels like cold water but then the burning and bubbling starts. It feels like it’s some kind of acid eating at my leg, I want to push her away but I know that it needs to be cleaned. After she’s done they dabbed it dry taking layers of the bubbles off, then I see what my knee looked like. My skin that was torn up had the texture of wet toilet paper when it rolls into little pieces. My grandpa stayed by me and watched as my aunt put gauze on my knee and wrapped some bandage wrap around my leg. She wrapped it so tight I was worried I was going to lose blood flow in my leg.

The ride home was quiet, I felt bad that we had to leave early cause of something I did. My brother felt guilty for convincing me to go down the driveway on a scooter and my grandpa was worried about what my mother would say…

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