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Naivete is our bestfriend

October 15, 2012
By simpleandtrue PLATINUM, Moraga, California
simpleandtrue PLATINUM, Moraga, California
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\'let the life that you live dictate who you are, not Facebook.\'

Hello God, mom, dad, the world.

I too have a dream. Actually, my overarching dream contains of many dreams. Sometimes, I don’t know if the world can hold everything that I want to do.

First of all, I want to give legal advice to the poor. I want to educate them on ways that the local legal system can help them solve marriage issues, child custody, etc. Everyone has problems and deserves the counseling to understand how to solve them.

I want to play music for those who are dying in hospitals. I want to spread the news about Christ. I want to work in the emergency room and be there for someone who is holding onto their last breath of life.
I want to be the head marketer of a social service or medical product that genuinely solves an problem. I don’t want to be the face of a product that is superfluous to the swamp of superfluous items that already exist. I want to refine, develop, and absolve health issues. I want to serve the world one patient at a time.

I want to write books on what moral standards that our world consistently shifts away from. I want to give speeches on TED talks and Oprah and share to the world what I have learned from day 1 of my life to now. My story is unique and I don’t want to exist as a gray shade.

I want to work in the White House. I want to work on Wall Street. I don’t want to be known as another money-sucking lawyer or businesswoman. I want to relieve.

When I am old, I want to own a house by the beach and invite all kinds of people in. I want to have Bible study – with the poor, with the rich, with the “in-betweens.”

When I am a grandmother, I want to design affordable, classy and elegant dresses for young girls. I want to open up my own store and name it ‘Annie and Katie.’ From sundresses to ball gowns, there will always be an option for every type of event.

I am 18. The world is a blank canvas for my ready hands.
Education and my life experiences form the spectrum of colors that I can paint with. I am only forming new shades on my palette.

The most important thing to remember when you have a dream is to keep on being naive. Never let anyone tell you that you can't.


There is truly no time better than the present.

The author's comments:
The most important thing to remember when you have a dream is to keep on being naive.

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