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one wish.

March 6, 2012
By breanna123242 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
breanna123242 SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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I'm sure every girl has one wish or maybe more. but am i the only one letting the fact that mine may never come true get me down. his hair, his eyes, his goofy personality. what not to like? yes i realize a strong relationship begins with friendship but i don't even think we even have that. He has a girlfriend. she may not be the prettiest girl but she is beautiful enough for hI'm. oh how it really does make me feel empty inside when i see them together. that slight tingle in your stomach and that pain of my heart being broken into a million tiny pieces. its an unexplainable pain and cold feeling that can never be explained in words. my one wish is to be in his loving arms. to know hes mine and I am his. to not feel like I'm not good enough and to have a confidence of a pop star who has it all. the money. the hair. and the body. i completely feel like I'm not good enough like I'm the ugly duckling or someone who will never be accepted as anything more than a friend. tI'me to change that. but how? how can i cope with this empty feeling I'm hiding from the outsiders of my heart. its not as easy as u think.

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