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lessons from my dearest friends...

July 26, 2022
By sasaga7 GOLD, Parsippany, New Jersey
sasaga7 GOLD, Parsippany, New Jersey
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trust yourself, believe yourself, and watch yourself grow

Hi, my name is not important. I am a kind person who gives infinite chances to people. I over trust every random human. I get along with everyone. I'm just an ordinary high schooler. Right after 8th grade graduation, my friends and I never hung out. Our middle school friend group broke apart. But, some of my other friends and I came together and formed our group. I felt that I connected them all. They told me they connected them all. I was just happy to bring a group together. Freshman year started. I thought I had these friends forever. We had everyone in the group. The comedian, the emo, the over dramatic, the over talkative, the photographer, the eye roller, the one we roast, the one who never talks and the crazy one. We were complete. I choreographed a dance, we all performed, we studied, played, talked and danced together. These were the friends that I'd talk to everyday for the rest of the year. With each of these friends, I learned something new. I learned about self-worth, I learned to not be transparent with everything, and I also learned that people are only friends with you for a reason. 



Lesson #1: Have respect for yourself

One of my friends was saying that I was "too short". I let it go. During finals, this friend spit out the words that I'm stupid and short. Every person has a limit. I did not let this one go. It's something to do with my self esteem. No one is a "perfect human". We are all different individuals. I was mad. I'm a very nice person. I can be really nice to people. I give everyone way too many chances. But, here is where I learned that those chances have a limit. I snapped back at this person. I do not need to be friends with someone if my height seems embarrassing to them. This person realized how much it was affecting me and apologized to me. Never let people take advantage of you. People will realize how much they are missing out once they find out your worth, and you are priceless.


Lesson #2: Be close to your friends with a limit

Two weeks before June ends. I found out that my best friend was lying to me. This was one of the biggest shocks. I just let it go. I thought, it's fine and I shouldn't care about that person's life. Whatever they decide is for themselves. Here I learned that I do not need to be completely truthful to everyone. There is no point for me to tell everything about my life to this person who is very secretive. When anyone told me anything, I got really paranoid. I continuously thought about everyone’s words. I thought that everyone was lying. I thought everyone was hiding something. I just lost hope in finding an honest friend. Here I learned that you shouldn’t get too close to anyone. You just end up getting hurt. 


Lesson #3: Stop running behind someone doesn’t value you

My friend and I came up with a skit at our school. It went really well. But this friend started hanging out with other friends. Now I obviously do not mind that. They are my friends as well but not close friends. These other friends did a skit as well. So I thought that over the summer, my friend and I could do something fun like that and come up with something ahead of time for auditions in October. I tried multiple times. This person was responding in a dry manner. I was genuinely confused. Later, this person told me that they will be doing the skit with their other friends. But, a week ago, they wanted to do it with me. I felt betrayed. It might not seem like a big thing but at this point, I was already struggling with my other friend. I just felt like I was losing myself. Recently, this friend started talking to me about our summer assignments. She wanted to study with me. So this person has a group of friends whom they hang out with, but wants me for school work. This person is a good person. They just do not realize that they are doing this. I’m worth homework for this person. 




To my friends, I want to thank you for opening my eyes to the world. I am no longer that innocent freshman I was a few months ago. You have turned me into a person who respects and values themself. I will never give anyone a second chance. Once you’ve hurt me, goodbye. I will never trust someone like that ever again. I value honesty. I’d rather hear the truth once than hear a thousand lies. I will not let you take advantage of me. I am intelligent. I am also kind. I expected you guys to give me the same that I offered. It seems as though I expected too much. Friendship is not where you use me when you need me and when I need you, you have plans with some new besties. One of the biggest lessons I’ve gotten is that everyone is with you for a selfish reason. One is friends with me because we’re both “smart” but they’re a little smarter than me according to them. The other friend needs someone who is righteous and follows rules so that everyone thinks they are like me when they’re not. The last one wants me as a friend who they should study with since I’m “smart”. Smart, intelligent are just words. No number should define someone. To my friends, I hope you understand this someday.

The author's comments:

Don't let anyone break you, you definitely matter to someone, so please don't shatter. Never let people's thoughts contaminate your thinking, and please trust yourself.

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