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8th Grade Graduation Speech

May 27, 2022
By megan_y GOLD, Cupertino, California
megan_y GOLD, Cupertino, California
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Good afternoon teachers, families, and graduating eighth graders. It is my pleasure to be standing in front of you all today to pay tribute to everything we’ve accomplished in our years here. It’s hard for me to believe that we all started middle school nearly three years ago. It seems like it was just yesterday that we were all clueless little sixth graders. Where exactly did all that time go? Well, if you do that math, we’ve lost almost half of it to the pandemic. That’s half the neighborhood runs, half the field trips, half the unexpectedly deep lunchtime conversations, and half the experience. 

But despite all these missing halves, what still remained whole was how much we’ve learned throughout the three years. I can say for certain that every single one of the eighth graders has learned and grown so much in their own ways, whether it be mentally or emotionally, consciously or subconsciously. Not only did I learn how to find the area of a hexagon, but I also learned just how valuable my relationships with those around me are. I learned the former from my math teacher, and I learned the latter from my time in distance learning. I hadn’t completely realized how important it is to spend time and cherish my friends and family. As Morrie Schwartz once said, “Love each other or perish”. 

Truly, if it weren’t for the time I spent away from my friends due to distance learning, I don’t think I would have realized just how crucial every moment I spent with them is. Every time we met up felt like a break from reality; a break from being cooped up at home, a break from being glued to the computer and frantically checking the time so you can turn in your assignment a minute before the deadline, and a break from isolation. But, having to promptly return to that reality really made me realize just how important companionship actually is.

With all that said, I am no doubt extremely grateful for the memories we made together in our middle school years, and what spontaneous life lessons that came into our path. For the upcoming four years of high school, and really for the rest of our lives, I encourage you all to prioritize and put forth your best effort in your meaningful and genuine relationships. Never lose focus of those who are the most important to you. It has been an honor to be part of such a loving community, and once again, congratulations to all the eighth graders! Thank you.

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