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Physical Training

February 25, 2009
By Beneaththeskyfan1 GOLD, Sherman, Illinois
Beneaththeskyfan1 GOLD, Sherman, Illinois
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The only bad thing that you do at Missouri Military Academy is Physical Training or P.T. every other day at seven-thirty in the morning. Every morning we would gripe and groan because we knew what we were going to do. This story is about Physical training on the last day at camp.
'Zac, wake up! We got to get out to the field!' I yelled.
'Huh? What for?'
'What for, what for! We're running the 2 ' mile run today' I said angrily.
'No we're not because today we're going home.'
'Yes we are, we're supposed to be out there in twenty minutes.' I said agitatedly.
'Fine, fine. I'll be up and ready to go in ten minutes.'
'I can't believe we have to run this morning, it's seven o' clock in the morning.' said Carmichael.
'Oh quit your griping Carmichael, it's too early in the morning.' Fischer said tiredly.
'Okay Fischer.' said Carmichael.
'Alright, everybody is accounted for, right.' asked lieutenant Portwood.
'Yes, Lieutenant Portwood.' we said.
'Then let's head out to the track.'
After the tiring and challenging 2 ' mile run we went to the mess hall which is the cafeteria which smelled like cereal and fruit every morning..
'Hey Bisignano, look who's coming to sit with us.' I whispered.
'Oh great, it's Lieutenant Spaulding.' he said sarcastically.
Lieutenant Spaulding was not the guy you wanted to get angry or have an argument with, our whole platoon was scared of him.
After mess we went back to our barracks and started to pack our bags.
'Hey, Slade where are you going after you leave?' I asked.
'Nowhere special, just home. What about you?' he asked.
'I'm going to Arkansas for two weeks with my mom.' I said happily.
'So you aren't going home for four weeks altogether. That stinks.'
'Yeah, I know, it does.' I said sadly.
'Only four hours until we leave!' Lieutenant Portwood said.
'Okay Lieutenant Portwood.' we exclaimed.
Even though we hated Physical Training, we always made it through the day.

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