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The Little Girl

November 29, 2021
By mlsouvignie26 BRONZE, Minnetonka, Minnesota
mlsouvignie26 BRONZE, Minnetonka, Minnesota
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I remember we were eating dinner and all of a sudden my Dad looked out the window and said, “oh there's a little girl!” 

Then we all looked out the window and saw a girl. I remember she was holding a bowl of raspberries and she was naked with wet hair. 

My mom quickly ran outside and grabbed a towel before the little girl ran into the busy road and not too long after that my dad ran outside too.

 I went outside a little while after my dad and all of a sudden my dad was sitting in the yard with a dog and my mom had the little girl wrapped up in a towel.

I looked at the dog's collar and saw his name was stanley. My dad started calling the number on Stanley's collar but it went straight to voicemail. 

Then after waiting for a little while in the grass trying to get some words out of the little girl and giving Stanley lots of love we saw a car slowly driving down the street so we asked them if they were looking for a little girl and a dog he said “no but I do know someone who is. Let me go get her”. 

So we waited a few more minutes until he came back with a grandma who was crying and a little boy. When the grandma got out of the car she explained that she was watching her grandkids (the little girl and boy) while their parents were out of town and that they should be back in about 30 minutes. 

Then the cops showed up at our house and we told them that we found the girl and that everything was ok. After that my mom and my sister offered to walk them and the dog back to their house. We found out that they lived all the way up a hill on our street and around the corner and that the little girl was letting out the dog after a bath and the grandma was doing something with the yard.

The author's comments:

This is a piece that I wrote about a time in my life when I experienced kindness.

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