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Six word memoir

January 25, 2020
By Anonymous

This day will always be remembered.”


This memoir can be interpreted in many different ways. Everyone in there life has memories that will never be forgotten.It can represent a sad time in someone's life or a happy moment that someone experienced. To me personally, this memoir can be shown in many different memories of my life, both sad and happy.  

    Both literal and inferential information is in this six word memoir can help a reader understand what this six word memoir is trying to understand what the memoir means. Literal information in the six-word memoir is a specific day will always be remembered. Inferential information in the memoir is there could have been something depressing happened to the person which is why they remembered this specific day or something big happened in there life like getting into a team or play which was something they worked hard for. It could have referred to just something that happened in a person's life that they still to this day remember. Because there are so many possibilities for what this memoir can mean, there are many interpretations a reader can think. 

    To me, this six word story represents a time I went on a vacation with my friends to a small town in Wisconsin called Green Lake. That day I will always remember because we had so much fun and it made us feel like we weren’t going back to school in 2 days in which we would be starting our last year of middle school. This is also an important memory to me because my friends and I grew closer and we now share all these memories together which we are hoping to never forget. We were afraid to see what the next school year would bring to us and scared to start high school. We had a great time swimming in the lake and going to dinner and walking around an unfamiliar place. I chose this idea for my six word memoir because it was the last summer we were going to be middle schoolers and we were terrified for what high school was going to be like and scared that our friend group wasn’t going to stay the same and we would all go different paths and make new friends. That day I will always remember also because of all the memories we made and all the insane things that happened on that trip such as our friend going into the trash can as a dare and how she forgot her swimsuit at home. 

The word “day” in the sentence gives the reader more ideas of what the six word memoir means. If it was just “ this time would always be remembered,'' it would make the reader think that they are referring to a specific time. By having day there, it gives the reader more ideas of what it could be about because there are so many days in a lifetime that by having the word day. I used a period at the end of the memoir to show a pause. If there was no period, there could be more to sentence. It can give the dramatic effect that something bad could have happened or something good. If the sentence ended with an exclamation mark, that automatically gives the reader a clue that it is based on an exciting memory in my life. 

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This was for a six word memoir essay in English

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