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Six Word Memoir

January 23, 2020
By Cdidomenico BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
Cdidomenico BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
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Perseverance and Dedication= Success in Life

            This memoir is written to show the true meaning of how success is accomplished. It explains that perseverance and dedication together from success in life. Readers will not only see that from the text the literal information of a successful life is made up of perseverance and dedication, but they will make inferences. Some of the inferences that could be made are that this person was very successful in life and was sharing their experiences. Also an inference is that the author has failed many times in life and has just been told this information. Another inference readers can make is about what success is in the author's life. Some examples could be inferring that after hard work, the author got a job that they were working towards or after failing a test, a student works hard and ended the semester with a good grade. The story shows success and the sacrifices that need to be made, but it leaves room for interpretation from the readers.

            The idea in the story doesn’t just show up once in a lifetime, it is an idea that is a part of life. The main origin of this memoir in my life was throughout this football season. At the beginning of the season we played a few tough teams that we were not able to handle. Through six games, we found ourselves at 2 and 4. This was no way to start a year let alone our high school careers. Although our team had faced a lot of adversity, we were not done fighting. With three games left, we dug deep and were dedicated. Even when tired, we kept pushing through and never missed practices. We won three straight games including one against all sophomores. This shows the power of dedication and perseverance. On top of this huge end of the season, two teammates and I were pulled up to the varsity team for the playoffs. It was a huge goal of mine and accomplishing this was a huge success. Although there may be many different origins for the idea that perseverance and dedication provides success, it is something that is a factor in everyone’s lives.

            When talking about word choice, I chose the two words that showed and symbolizes success the most. These words are perseverance and dedication. Without perseverance, there is no will to keep fighting after you fail. Without dedicating there isn’t any heart or love for what you are doing. Also there will be no drive to get better. These two words together add up to create success. A huge part of the memoir is the equals sign. With just a period or a comma, it wouldn’t be shown that perseverance and dedication would add up to form success in life. It wouldn’t bring any power into the memoir. Readers of my memoir enjoyed my word choice of perseverance and dedication. They felt that it proved a point to use strong words. A piece of constructive criticism was to make the story more specific to my life. From these responses, I was able to develop the best possible story. The readers interpreted the story to be a message for life and having a big role in a person's lifetime. These interpretations are very similar to mine being that I believe the story conveys an idea that plays a big role in life.

The author's comments:

This was an assignment to create a six word story about your life.

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