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Six Word Memoir

January 23, 2020
By Zkatamesh BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
Zkatamesh BRONZE, Barrington, Illinois
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No path to take? Make one.

(This story has a mixture of literal and inferential information. Some literal information that can be found is when there is no path or direction to follow, make your own. The inferential information is when a person is having trouble fitting in or meeting the standard, they should try to stand out. The person should try to be seen as a unique figure instead of blending in. Another interpretation of this story is when you are having trouble meeting your goal, you should try and find a new way of reaching it. Before using others’ ideas or copying, try to create your own ways of reaching your goal. The language I chose impacts this story because it helps visualize the scene. Instead of saying “goal”, I said “path”. Saying path helps the reader understand that there is a specific point the person in the story is trying to reach, and the path is guiding them to get there. Using the word “make” explains to the reader they should try and create their own path to reach the goal. The word “take” implies that there are already previous paths created. When changing the order of the words in this story, the meaning changes. The story can be changed to, make a path when there are none to take. The meaning changes because the new story is no longer a question and does not include or relate to the reader, also the new story is not telling the reader to take action. The punctuation of this story shows there is a question, then command. The question mark asks the reader if they don’t have a path to take, and the period commands the reader to make their own path. I chose to create this story because I feel that it impacts my life in many ways. Whenever I am having trouble completing something or reaching my goals I always try to find a new solution, or look at the problem from another perspective. I try to think of new ways to create new paths to reach the goal. Another way this story impacts me is because I try to stand out, I don’t try to blend in with others, but instead be unique in my own ways. I try not to follow another person's path and to make my own distinct path. When other people interpret this story they think about choosing their own destiny, they think about creating their own goals and solutions. This is the point I was trying to make while creating this memoir. In conclusion, the story tells the reader, when you don’t have a path to take, make your own.)

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