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The Joy of Reading

October 11, 2018
By DjAwesome BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
DjAwesome BRONZE, Temperance, Michigan
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I watched from an omniscient place, all most godlike, over the people below. They don’t know I was there, they just live out there lives unaffected by my presence. I am unable to do anything to help them no matter how hard I try, I can only sit there and watch as some of my favorite ones die, and some of them live. I feel their sorrow over the loss and the agony as they realize that it was a trick, that they had been played. I mourn for them, the people of this world, unable to help. And as I mourn, I remember that it’s not real, it’s just a book and that I am no god.

I look up from my book, as I sit on my couch. The lights are off and sunlight streams through the blinds on the skylights, there's a cozy feel to the air. It’s nothing extravagant, the couch is a dark brown and is made out of a soft fabric. The carpet is a dull color of white mix with strands of grey, but with years of wear and tear has turned to a beige color. The smell of freshly brewed coffee drifts through the air to my nose. I take a sip of my own coffee and the taste of ripe cherries mixed with chocolate hit my taste buds. As I sift slightly, my dirty blonde hair glistens when one of the light streams from above hits it. I was sitting in a comfortable position on the couch. I wasn’t wearing anything special, just a comfy blue shirt and a pair of soft leggings. The book I was reading was about adventure and mystery. I had been trying to figure out who the real villain was before the main character did, and almost had it. It reminded me of another book I had read, Murder of a Werewolf.

I watched through the eyes of a young woman, she was only 29 but she had almost worked herself into the ground. She had been denying a part of herself for too long and it had taken its toll on her, but she has finally decided to accept that part of her to help her gran solve a paranormal murder mystery. I watched as she ran around a town full of supernatural creatures big and small, asking questions and finding out that there was more to this murder than what meets the eye. I feel her excitement as she finds a new piece of the puzzle out and her confusion as some of those pieces don’t quite fit into the picture she's building. I feel her nervousness as she questions some of the more dangerous creatures, and I follow her on her adventure to find the murderer. This book is similar to the book I am currently reading, but it was different in its own beautiful way. They’re alike, but they both take you to different worlds.

Have you ever wanted to escape reality, or go to a different world? I consider this a lot when I’m reading books, and I think it’s part of who we are as humans, the want to explore and discover new places. What if suddenly you ended up as a god watching over a different world. Or what if you were transported into someone else’s body and lived out their life for them. I think it’s a fun concept, but to actually have it happen would be terrifying. But what if it was only temporary, and that you could choose when to come and when to go. I think that would be fun, going on adventure one minute, the next you're a god watching over the people of a different world, and after that your fighting to save your love, and then your back to your own life. What if you could go on temporary adventures and return home whenever and wherever you wanted. And what if I told you that you could get all this from books. You could go on amazing adventures, and have fun fight bad guys but you don’t even need to leave the couch. And you can, that's the amazing thing about books.

Books let you be whoever, whenever, and wherever you want. They let you go on an astonishing adventure, or go fight the villains to save the world or rule as a King or Queen over a breathtaking beautiful kingdom of elves. Books let you do this and more, and that's why I take my Kindle everywhere with me.

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