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April 18, 2017
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While considering the most influential and important people in my life, I thought of my dear friend who lives in Egypt, Roujee Ashraf. I met Roujee on a trip to Egypt in the summer of 2016. We worked at a summer sports camp together. He has a strong faith in Jesus and loves people incredibly well. We talk consistently throughout the year and I will be seeing him again in July of 2017. Roujee always fills my life with encouragement and joy. Anyone who has met him would agree. I interviewed Roujee over facetime.

1). When were you born and where?
I was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1997.
2). What is your family like?
We are a family of four. I love my family very much. My father is a sales manager, my brother is a doctor, and my mother does not have a job. We all live together and we are very close.
3). Where do you attend college and what are you studying?
I attend Ain Shams University and I am in my first year. I have chosen to study engineering: specifically mechatronic engineering. Mechatronic engineering studies all types of engineering which I enjoy because I could not pick one specific field.
4). Why did you choose to pursue this subject?
I chose engineering because I love discovering and coming up with new things. I love cars and inventing. I enjoy using items that may seem trashed or unwanted to create something new that people may not have thought of. I see potential in old things that have been cast aside. Putting things together while finding out how things work is one of my main passions. 
5). What do you plan on doing after college?
I hope to get a good job in engineering and then hopefully open and run my own garage. I want to always be doing what I love. I also hope to return to Wadi Sports Camp to work every summer.
6). What is your favorite part about living in Cairo?
I love being in the center of Egypt. I can easily reach anywhere I wish to go. Cairo is the heart of Egypt. It is most definitely the best area to live in.
7). Describe yourself in ten words or less.
I would say that I am sociable, loving, caring, funny, a hard worker, passionate, and optimistic.
8). I know that you have seen a lot of hatred and violence, what are your thoughts on the recent Palm Sunday bombings?
It’s heartbreaking. Those people were just there to pray. They were probably praying for the ones who killed them. I do not understand the hate in this world. Those people were innocent.
9). As a Christian, what is your greatest struggle living in a predominantly Muslim country?
I actually do not have many struggles being a Christian in Egypt. I do not hate Muslims, I never have. I have four best friends who are Muslim, and we all accept each other despite our differences. The only struggle is that the priority in most situations always goes to Muslims.
10). What is the greatest piece of advice that you have ever received?
My father once told me to remember that “no matter how hard something is, you should always do what you know is the right thing.”

I one hundred percent agree with the words Roujee used to describe himself in question seven. He is an amazing guy who lives in a beautiful country that is sadly full of so much evil. Meeting him in Cairo was such a blessing and I cannot imagine life without his jokes and joy, even from across the world.

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