The Beauty Project

May 20, 2013
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To start, I'm guessing an intro is in order. Around a month ago, I was on youtube, messing around like normal. I was watching a Disney short, when the Dove Inner Beauty commercial came up, for those of you who haven't seen it, it was ladies describing themselves, then another who was there to a portrait artist who couldn't see them. Then they were shown both to see they were harder on themselves, and that the other person saw their real beauty and that portrait looked more like them. Inspirational, huh? Well at the time I didn't think much of it. Until I looked in the mirror week ago and suddenly felt very down, because I feel that all my friends are so beautiful. I quickly began to wonder if they felt the same way about themselves. Hence, the beauty project was born!

It's fairly simple, I got four girls in my grade to describe themselves, then one of the other four to me and wrote down what they said. And by the way, Maggie* and Chloe* are twins. Here is how it goes:

Annabeth*- I have straight long brown hair, I'd say it's pretty shiny, but it's also thin, so it's my least favorite of my features. My hair is naturally wavyish, which I don't like, so I straighten it everyday. My eyes are almond shaped and I like them, I also have long thick lashes. I have a long thin nose.

Annabeth*- (as described by Marge*) Dark brown and straight, shiny hair. She has gorgeous green round eyes. Her nose is normal sized. Her lips are not to big but not to small either. Her bottom and top lip are equal sized. She has dark eyebrows like her hair, making her eyes pop. She has a bright, bracey smile and a squareish/ovalish face.

Marge*-I have big, curly, frizzy hair. Dark and brown almond eyes. A long wide nose, big nostrils and average lips. My eyebrows are large and bushy. My smile is odd, a half-and-half of crooked and straight teeth. I have higher cheek bones, which make them look big, I call them chipmunk cheeks, and I have a very round face.

Marge*- ( as described by Maggie*) She has this long, shiny blond hair. Her skin is such a pretty natural tan. She has dark brown eyes, big and shaped like almonds. She has a normal nose, and a normal mouth too. But her smile is really bright.

Maggie*-I have hazel eyes, shaped liked almonds. I have this very pale skin and its covered with freckles, dark freckles. My hair is long and dark and straight. An oval head and a small nose.

Maggie*- ( as described by Chloe*) Deep brown eyes, almond shaped and medium sized. A cute nose sprinkled with freckles. Long shiny brown hair. She has small ears and bright friendly smile. That’s what I think you notice first about her, her big smile.

Chloe*- dark brown eyes, of medium size. Average hair, I guess, its long a shiny but thin. My face is oval shaped and I have small nose and ears.

Chloe*- (as described by Annabeth*) Light cocoa colored hair. I've always loved it. It's long and shiny and smooth and just altogether really pretty. She has thin arched eyebrows, like a models. She has the cutest button nose with just a little bit of freckles. She has really dark, deep, pretty eyes. And just this bright sunshine smile to match her expressive face.

I found it interesting, how some people were so willing to admit what they called flaws, and others wanted to try to boast. Yet there were some who said barely anything. I personally think maybe they're self conscious, not that any of them should be, you can see what others see in them. Really what I want others to take from this is not to be so hard on yourself I guess. So have a good day beautiful!

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