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January 11, 2008
By Anonymous

Haley was born in Chicago,IL
on Febuary 7,1996.
Haley mom Ditra Muary had a job at hotel 2 in Milwaukee,Wisconsin but quit it in the summer of 2007 because it wasn't enough hours.Haley dad Gary Jones is a vetanarion in Racine.Wisconsin he has been working there for 3 and a half years.Haleys has 5 siblings altogether .On her mom side she has her brother Nike and her 2 sisters Lydia and Nadia. Haley is most close to her sister Lydia.

Haley went to several schools such as V.E Carter,Urban Day and recently M.R.A
and out of all of her schools she liked Urban Day school.She liked Urban Day because she had lots of friends and she got an great education.
Haley main goal in life is to be a super model.She wants to be an super model because she loves the speical attention and it fun to her.
One of Haleys earliset child hood memories are falling down the stairs in her house while playing with her cousins when she was 5.

Today Haley is a smart and intelligent M.R.A scholar student who is hoping to persue her dreams and have a great life.

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