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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   Sitting in school I could hardly believe that in afew hours I would be interviewing Jesse Jackson. I could not help but togrow nervous. After all, Rev. Jackson's stature, both politically andphysically, is great and is known all over the world. I could notbelieve I would be meeting him. Anxiety and anticipation createdbutterflies in my stomach as I arrived at Le Meridienhotel.

Waiting in the lobby I had a few moments to collect mythoughts before meeting the Meyers and Elizabeth K. As we decided onquestions, I realized the impossibility of touching on all of Rev.Jackson's accomplishments - there are simply too many. Elizabeth and Iselected the most pertinent questions, dividing them between us. When weheard Rev. Jackson was on his way, Elizabeth and I exchanged a glancefilled as much with apprehension as excitement. But since we hadpracticed the questions several times, we were confident everythingwould go smoothly.

When Rev. Jackson walked into the room, myuneasiness vanished. I observed a sincere and gentle man, a side I hadnever seen on television. He was extremely open discussing hischildhood, his mentors and his beliefs. It was obvious he truly wantedto share his message with us. Instead of his more characteristicoratorical fervor, his voice was soft and lulling. As I listened to himdescribe his childhood in the segregated South, I truly understood howimportant he was to the civil rights movement. At a time whenAfrican-Americans were not allowed to use public libraries or parks,Rev. Jackson insisted on equality. With true integrity anddetermination, Rev. Jackson has made tremendous strides toward racialharmony. Although he has confronted many issues with equal tenacity andpoise, his personal influence on civil rights taught me more than anyhistory book could.

I walked out of the room knowing I had met atruly historic figure, a man who had seen and helped bring about socialchange in the twentieth century. I had met a hero.


Photo by Melissa M.,
Arlington, MA

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