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By Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
Bapalapa2 ELITE, Brooklyn, New York
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   It's 11 p. m., but the streets seem bright as day with all the lights. Well-dressed gentlemen hail cabs while ladies stand on the sidewalk chatting. I have just walked out of a Broadway show and the buildings around me reach higher and higher into the sky. As I absorb the scene, one line comes to mind - "I don't think I'm in Kansas anymore. "

How did a girl from Kansas end up in New York City? My English teacher noticed Teen Ink's interview contest. I interviewed a NASA astronaut who lives in my city. A few months later, the publisher of Teen Ink called to say I had won and would get to go to New York City to interview Andrew Shue, a famous actor. I was so excited I jumped around the house. Then we made plans for the trip and our Monday morning interview.

I arrived in New York Saturday and saw a fight in the street and a marriage proposal in a museum - love and hate before my eyes. That night, my father and I went to my first Broadway play, "Beauty and the Beast. " It was wonderful; the costumes were beautifully elaborate, the actors excellent and the music compelling.

Monday morning, I prepared for the interview, trying to make sure I looked just right. Today I would interview Andrew Shue! Teen Ink's publishers, John and Stephanie Meyer, and the other winner, Sarah, were in the lobby when I arrived; I felt a little nervous being the last one. We talked for a while, then sat to discuss the interview and the questions Sarah and I had suggested. After an hour of debating and compromising, we decided which to use, and the four of us walked to the headquarters.

The atmosphere was very relaxed - everything from Mr. Shue's answers to his clothes. It was hard to believe I was sitting across from a famous actor and professional soccer player! Each answer Mr. Shue gave was full of thought and courtesy, and he managed to add humor from time to time. After the first 15 questions, we took a break. Mr. Shue even offered to bring us pizza when he returned.

We finished much later than planned, and were extremely grateful to Mr. Shue for allowing us so much of his time. He even signed autographs, and we took some photos. I gave him a sweatshirt and pompom from my school [see photo] which he seemed to like.

I'll never forget my trip to New York City. These experiences will live in my mind forever. Not everyone gets to win a contest, travel to an exciting city and interview a famous (and handsome!) actor, plus be published in a magazine. Standing under the lights of Broadway, I realized one of my dreams had come true.

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