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Interview with Senior Consultant Srini V.

April 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Srini V. is a Senior Consultant who works in HSBC, a financial company. He has been working there ever since November 2004.

What is your job and what are your daily duties?
I’m a Senior Consultant working with HSBC. My daily duties? Well, my manager gives me some strategies that I implement with a group of people called Off-shore. If any problems occur during my work, I also solve. These strategies work with major companies and their credit cards. For example, HSBC supports the Best Buy credit card. When someone applies to one, my programs will check the credit history and credit limits and performance of the person.

What has made you get involved in this job? What studies and qualifications do you need to meet to work as a Senior Consultant?
Well, you will surely need a Master’s or equivalent experience in computers.

HSBC Bank has been named one of the best companies how does this make you feel while working there? Do you feel HSBC is a good company?
Proud because it is the number one company. I’m glad there is job security. The challenges involved in HSBC give your mind activities and challenges. HSBC is a good company because teamwork and challenges and the new ideas and thoughts that help develop not only the company but the world. And off course, I work there.

Do you feel that people should follow in your footsteps? Why?
Yes, what I’m doing is helping the world. But before I even came to work in HSBC, the team that I work in now never documented their work. So when I came, it was hard to understand the work that was being done. After starting my work there, I began to document the work. I want people to follow me because I feel that what I’m doing is right and is helping the world.

What is one piece of advice that you would give to future Senior Consultants? Why?
Please document any crisis problems. This is very important! This will help the company because saves a lot of time. And the people too. It gives everyone a peace of mind because they don’t have to hurt their heads to fix a problem that has occurred before. You don’t want to make the same mistakes again.

Recent information tells me that HSBC is moving and you are getting a chance to work from home. Do you think that this will impact the company and you in a positive or negative way?
Definitely positive. Working from home gives the company a positive result. For sure there will more productivity. For me, there are both negative and positive impacts. One is that the interaction between other teams will lessen. To avoid that, I will work two days a week. The positive result is that gas prices are rocketing upward and so since I don’t have to take my car out. So now, the environment isn’t hurt and gas is saved. Also I won’t have to spend my whole day driving.

When you were little what did you want to be? Is this the life you had seen when you were little? Why or Why not?
Initially, I wanted to be a civil engineer. I didn’t see any growth so I switched to software. Although my life job has completely changed, I am still proud of the life I lead now.

Do you feel proud of your job and accomplishments? Why?
Yes. I am proud that my job is helping the society and that my accomplishments are part of it. I am glad that I am doing something that benefits the world.

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