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Interview with Security Guard and Student

October 26, 2007
By Anonymous

There are pros and cons to having a celebrity as a role model. Unfortunately, most celebrities do not positively impact the lives of teens and children. Very few celebrities are good influences in society today. This interview shows you why it is and isn’t good to look up to a celebrity. This interview focuses on the beliefs of a teen and an adult living in society, today. This interview utilizes the viewpoints of Ms. Peterson, a security guard at Roslyn High School, and Sammi, a freshman at Roslyn High School.

Are celebrities positive role models nowadays? Why or why not?

Sammi: Yes, they definitely are. I mean, some can influence teens in a bad way but I know that almost all of my peers look up to a celebrity, at least a little.
Ms. Peterson: I think it depends on which celebrity. Some are and some aren’t.

Do you think that the celebrities are aware that they’re role models for many children and teens in society, today?

S: Of course, they’re in the public eye all the time so they know that people are going to be watching and looking up to them.
MP: I think they’ve lost perspective of that. They’re too caught up in their own lives.

Do you think that the celebrities of today positively affect teens and kids today?

S: A lot of celebrities try to set a good example for teenagers. They get involved in charities and try to help out other people. I would say that half of the celebrities try to inspire people.
MP: Some yes, some no.

Do you think that the public is inspired?

S: By some celebrities, sure. It could be in fashion, the way they think/act, or the way that they live their daily lives.

If you had/have children of your own would you want them to be seeing the way these celebrities act? Why or why not?

S: Some of them, or course not. The way that some of them act like drinking, partying, and all of that stuff, I would never want my kids to see.
MP: Absolutely not. Most celebrities aren’t good influences.

What are some of the celebrities that you wouldn’t want your kids to see?

S: Britney Spears, Lindsay Lohan, Paris Hilton, and maybe Mary-Kate Olsen. But by the time I have kids, these celebrities won’t be very popular anymore.

When you see or hear about the behavior of these celebrities, how does it make you feel?

S: I don’t think you’re giving some of them enough credit. I agree with you that some of them are bad role models and I feel bad for them. But, some of them are real genuine people.
MP: I’m disgusted

What credit are we supposed to be giving to them?

S: You have to remember that they work hard to and they’re always being watched. If they make one mistake, everyone knows and they get torn apart.

I hear what you’re saying. So, who are some of the genuine celebrities? Have you ever met any of those?

S: I have actually. In 2002, I met Toby McGuire (Spiderman). He seemed very down to earth. But I’ve also met Paris Hilton who was definitely a bad influence.

Do you think that something should be done about the behavior of celebrities? If so, what? Who should be taking these actions and putting the celebrities in their place?

S: Celebrities are just like everyone else. I mean, everyone has issues and problems of their own but celebrities are always being watched. There’s nothing that we can really do about it.
MP: Yes, I think something should be done. Some sort of therapy or counseling should be involved. Family and friends should assist.

What issues and problems do these celebrities face? How are they like ours?

S: The same issues as us. It could be going through a divorce, a loss, or a problem with friends. At the end of the day, celebrities go through all of the drama that we also face.

Why do you think some celebrities have so many issues?

S: Regular people look up to celebrities, right? Well then who do celebrities look up to? The answer is no one. Celebrities have no one to model themselves after. That’s why I think they’re though of as such bad influences.

Most celebrities do have parents. They can influence the behavior of these celebrities. What do you have to say about that?

S: Yes, of course their parents can influence them. Almost everyone is persuaded by their parents in some way. But, a lot of celebrities lose the relationship with their parents when they become famous.

Do you think celebrities are just acting for the publicity or do they really have problems?
S: I think that the majority of celebrities really do have problems. Their daily lives are the same as ours except them go through it in a more expensive manner.
MP: I think they really have issues.

What do you mean by “more expensive”?

S: I mean that everyone has some sort of drama in their lives. Celebrities are just going through it with expensive cars, designer clothes, and other luxuries.

Do you have a favorite celebrity-role model that you look up to? Why him/her/those?

S: Yes, I have a few. Right now, I can think of Rachel Bilson, Hayden Panettiere, and Mischa Barton. I look up to each o them for different reasons. I think that Bilson is an all-around better role model than Barton. But, I like Barton’s sense of style. I think Panettiere is down-to-earth and inspiring.

So, all in all, do you think that the behavior of celebrities today is appropriate? Do you think that these are positive role models?

S: Yes. I think that given the circumstances, their behavior is understandable. But of course, there are some that could be handling scenarios a little better. Some are positive and some are negative. I can go either way in this argument.
MP: The behavior of celebrities today is definitely not appropriate. They’re absolutely not positive role models.

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