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Luci Rodriguez, Receptionist

May 8, 2009
By NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
NancyP PLATINUM, Aurora, Illinois
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Luci Rodriguez works as a receptionist for Protocol. Protocol is a company where loans are given out to people who might happen to need them, such as someone who needs a college loan. However, it’s not a bank! If someone is not able to get to a bank near them, or wants the money sent to them from the bank, my mom, Luci, does just that.
How long have you had your job?
About 2 years now.
Do you still enjoy your job? Why?
Well, yes, sort of. Every day brings a new experience with it. So instead of everyday being the same all the time, there is always something different that happens. I get different callers with different personalities. They speak different languages, some old, some young, and it’s always different. Having all these different experiences keeps me from having a boring job. Also, some of my friends work there and that gives me someone to talk to while I’m at work.
What made you get this job?
I needed a better job to make ends meet financially. Not everything was going good for me so I needed to upgrade jobs, I guess! There was an opening here, so I took the chance and applied and boom! I got the job!

Was it at all hard for you to get this job?
No, not really. There were certain requirements and tests I had to meet and pass, but that to me wasn’t really a problem. The asked if I knew a second language, and I do. I speak Spanish fluently. Speaking Spanish helped me get the job because not everybody who calls Protocol speaks English. So if there are Spanish speaking employees, more Hispanics can use our services, which helps the business. Also, since one of my friends worked there, she helped me get the job as well. She told her boss about me, what I was good in, what I wasn’t, said I was a good person, you know, spoke good about me. That helped me a lot I think.
What is the most exciting part about your job?
I guess the most exciting thing about my job would be… handling customer issues; dealing with the public (customer service). As I said before, every day is a different experience.
Is your job possibly dangerous in any way?
Well, every job is dangerous in a way. Physically, there may not be any danger at my job, in other ways, there possibly is. Since we are taking people’s names, numbers, email addresses, credit card numbers, sometimes even addresses! If that information were to fall into the wrong hands, things could go extremely wrong, not only for the person who got their information stolen, but for the company! That’s really the only way my job is dangerous.
Do you feel good when you’re going to work and when you’re coming home from work? Why?
Yes, I do feel good, going and coming from work. When I’m coming home from work, I feel good because when I get my pay check, I know I deserve it because I played my part at work that week or month, or even day. Also, after my day of work, I come home feeling a bit of accomplishment, like I did something to help someone, or finished something I know I worked hard to do. Going to work makes me feel good sometimes. Sometimes I don’t want to go to work because I don’t know if it will be a slow day, which means there aren’t a lot of callers. Other times I want to go because I know I’ll get paid! Ha-ha.
How much longer do you expect to have your job?
I hope to have it for as long as possible, or until a better job comes along.
Would you recommend your job to anyone?
Yes, I would. The pay isn’t bad and the benefits are pretty good. Also, the working environment is nice. It’s an open area with big cubicles. Everyone has enough personal space, and everyone is really nice. It’s a quiet working area as well. Anyone interested in working with people, but not directly, this would probably be a good job for them. So again, yes. I would surely recommend this job to someone!

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